After 2.5 hours I have installed and booting.

WiFi is working, not the Ethernet though (I Suspect it is the port or cable).

Installing now


@jlamar What was your reason to install ? Learning and fun, or just getting a working system? I'm a big fan of if you want recent software without all involvement of .

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@kiview more or less a working system. This actually gets all of the computers in the house on the same system.

I tried fedora last year but with the default partition layout being different then what I wanted and some issues learning the package manager I went with arch.

@jlamar No problem with Arch for Linux enthusiasts, but not the best decision for just working system I assume :) You found "dnf" really different to "apt"? You can configure the partition scheme in the Fedora Anaconda installer.

But no problem with using an Ubuntu based distro as well of course.

I don't know what it was with dnf.
I had said the same things with some Ubuntu changes and ended up in a deep hole.

I probably will end up working on fedora again for server work, I am trying to get away from Ubuntu.

@jlamar I don't get using Fedora on the server over Ubuntu LTS (while I prefer Fedora on the desktop over Ubuntu 😅). What's your reason for this (and for leaving Ubuntu)?
If you are looking for a rolling distro with less manual fiddeling than Arch, I heard good things about OpenSUSE Tumbleweed.

@kiview most of my issues are comming from the ubuntu desktop.

I'm looking at fedora, open suse and debian for other options for servers but likely won't do anything for at least another year likely 2

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