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Our #openscience dataset from live human brain cells, which contains electrophysiological, morphological & transcriptomic properties gathered from individual cells, is publicly available to accelerate #neuroscience research worldwide. Access via

#science #research #openData #openAccess #openEducation

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There is a vulnerability in the Plasma desktop that KDE developers are currently working to patch. The details are here.

For the moment avoid downloading .desktop or .directory files and extracting archives from untrusted sources.

Also, if you discover a similar vulnerability, it is best to send an email before making it public. This will give us time to patch it and keep users safe before the bad guys try to exploit it.

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Today is Overshoot Day,
the day where we as a species have used up the entirety of Earths Renewable resources and live on loans paid by the coming generations.

We as FLOSS enthusiasts can be part of a solution by designing not for an ever grander set of hardware, but for the reusage and improvement of OLD hardware.
Making old refurbished stuff attractive again, or ways to repurpose it so it doesn't have to be thrown away.

#OverShootDay #Ecology #FFF

Just checked out Mastodon again after many month being exclusively on Twitter and I'm impressed how much more clean the UI has become.

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circa 1980. "And we concluded that one excellent way to protect people was to collect less information about them."

Interesting insight by Linus on the Kernel mailing list: "I am going to take time off and get some assistance on how to
understand people’s emotions and respond appropriately."

@kde What is the best place to get involved in discussions regarding ? Like feature requests, design discussions, or just asking question if some feature already exists? Mailing-List, IRC or Telegram?

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KDE Applications 18.08.1 is out, with improvements and bugfixes for Akonadi, Dolphin, Kdenlive and much more. Check out the official release post here:

Also is like, "If all you have is Matrix, everything looks like linear algebra." Probably it's just too high up in the power continuum for me, I assume somewhere next to ...

I very much agree regarding the dangers in using as the go to language for teaching programming to non-CS scientists and code I've seen very much confirms this. (it's okay use Matlab for solving your problems as conscious decision of course)

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The new "Commons Clause" license by Redis is an abomination, not Open Source, not "Commons" (actually, it fits the bill for Orwellian Newspeak since it *removes* code from the commons), and burnt a lot of goodwill in order to middle the waters between what is staying BSD (Redis Core) and what is going "aggressively-proprietary": some modules (since Redis claims it isn't "proprietary", I had to pick a more accurate term).

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