source available, but explicitly not open source stuff 

devkitARM/PPC/etc.'s buildscripts are specifically unlicenced. When brought up, the maintainers are like "yeah that's intentional, this is our property, and only provided for those who really want to compile from scratch." i don't remember exact words, but it was a Thing, and one of the things that prompted libtransistor (clang based toolchain) for the switch, but it never really caught on for long.

Oh yeah, this was cool. I ended up messing with it a little. Don't think it ever saw practical use (for me, at least)


That depends on if it's 0 or 0.000000000000916, and what it's being used for. i.e. if it's some sort of culling threshold and you're drawing everything at 0, flipping sign could cause everything to be drawn or not. *shrug*

yeah, their wiki isn't very helpful if you aren't using windows/don't want to use visual studio.

From my experience w/ MomentumMod, you can generate makefiles (for linux at least? Might work w/ msys2 or smth), and some projects converted the build system over to cmake (though I don't know if there's a pre-converted to cmake starting base).

Might be worth looking into, at least?

This is great. Reminds me of april fools minecraft credits warp video. Nicely edited, too.

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Apparently I *was* out of date, so maybe that had something to do with it.

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Programmer Mashing 

I kinda expected "down, right, backspace" for removing the first character of each line, but there's an extra left thrown in... so you're moving right once and left twice for each line you move down? So you're probably doing something else...

Anyone else who uses Fedilab get weird notification behavior?

I got 40 notifications for a single reply to a toot a few minutes ago. :/

it depends, I think, on how much these unrelated processes are willing to work together.

If you control one process and not the other, you can brute-force something with root privs and ptrace or reading and writing memory directly.

If you control both processes, you may be able to set something up with shmget or shm_open, which both return fds that can be passed to mmap, etc.

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This looks really cool! A couple questions I had:
- I noticed that occasionally, a data packet appeared to be followed immediately by another data packet. Did they appear to have the same structure?
- Did you ever see a data packet with color bits set that didn't have the last address bit set?

How much of it is assembly? like, the initial entry point for the syscall, or the entire 'read' syscall?

(there are more reasons than performance to use assembly, like setting up the environment so that calling into C functions will actually *work*)

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