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Watching the SpaceX launch and thinking about the juxtaposition of seeing our country’s greatest achievements at the same time as seeing the side effects of our biggest failures. Reading the news and looking for ways to help and support the helpers.

Just watched the launch. Fucking hell. It’s ridiculous to say but I actually teared up and got emotional. I needed that, I think, and I don’t really understand why. Absolutely incredible to witness.

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Horse racing?! I haven’t spent 10 weeks away from the Mandem so some cunts can torture horses. twitter.com/matthancock/status

Made the mistake of criticising Slam Dunk Festival in a comment on Facebook and oh my god, about 15 teenagers waded into the replies and my inbox defending them. It's a music festival. Isn't that a bit.... weird?

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Conservative MP Robert Courts broke lockdown rules by driving 151.57 million km to the sun in March.

So @Strava@twitter.com want £7 a month for this? Lmao, you guys are on more drugs than Lance Armstrong.

This is spectacular.

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Cummings said he warned about i.a. corona virus in 2019.

Thing is, he didn't. References to SARS and corona virus were added to his blog post on pandemic risks sometime between April and May of this year.

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I suppose this is what happens when a bunch of fucking idiots meet an arrogant fucking idiot who tells them he’s a genius.

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Random coincidence: Stevie Wonder, whose eyesight is famously poor, was seriously injured and almost lost his life in August 1973 following a car crash outside Durham (South Carolina).

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If. you. were. worried. about. whether. you. could. drive. safely. your. kid. wouldn't. have. been. in. the. fucking. car.

The absolute reaming Boris Johnson is getting from the journalists asking questions if giving me life. Beth Rigby didn’t so much fire shots as shit down his shirt and tie. Incredible scenes.

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Tories when a black MP's son gets arrested: "better deport everyone in their building just to be sure"

Tories when one of their own jaunts across the country crop-dusting people with covid-19: "whom among us hasn't murdered someone and buried the body, for a cause we believe in"

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So the lockdown rules weren’t actually rules. It was a clever test to see if people would break the rules to prove they loved their children. Fair play to the government, that is some Willy Wonka shit.

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@bbclaurak@twitter.com Could you ask Boris why Dominic Cummings was in Durham today?

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Genuinely astonished that the Conservative response to this is not "This was a terrible lapse of judgment" but "The fact you, the public, listened to us and followed the guidelines is yet more proof that you don't love your own children". twitter.com/SuellaBraverman/st

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Incredible but true that Tory MPs were more outraged by Diane Abbott drinking a mojito on a train than Dominic Cummings transporting the Coronavirus from London to Durham

I’ve shared a few NY Times front pages recently - their infographics team have been amazing, but this is different. This is much more simple - but no less powerful.

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Neither is having an affair but you were happy for Neil Ferguson to resign twitter.com/michaelgove/status

If only Laura had the kind of job where she could ask questions? Makes you think.

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@paulwaugh@twitter.com Yup - lots of questions and opposition parties certainly won't rest til they are answered

But... breaking the law is. Hope this helps.

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Caring for your wife and child is not a crime twitter.com/iainjwatson/status

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