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There's a massive problem where people define their political ambitions by what they think is politically feasible rather than defining them by what is needed and then making that reality politically feasible. It's never clearer than when people talk about global warming

At this point you have to assume that given their approach to head injuries, if the FA ran F1 they’d have squeezed Romain Grosjean straight into a spare car the minute he was rescued & waved him off in front of the safety car.

Make him captain imo

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Lost the battle, but Rob Holding won the war of words

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Trump campaign paid $3 million to get Biden 87 additional votes in Wisconsin recount

Well it ruined mine to be fair. Still haven’t been white water rafting ffs.

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@kieran_delaney@twitter.com +1 really did happen. Nearly ruined our entire Wales trip

Lovely stuff.

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The very non-league football team at the end of my road, @MarineAFC@twitter.com, has somehow made it to the third round of the FA Cup and their goalkeeper has just returned to the ground from the local Coop with drinks to celebrate.

I fell off a cliff and landed on my head. 90ft drop. Bouncing off three or four tree branches on the way down probably saved my life.

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What’s the hardest everyone’s BONKED their heads. I ran into a tree

Remember though lads, “Boris is trying really hard” according to your uncle on Facebook. Honestly, this is either rank incompetence or entirely deliberate overspending on contracts for their mates - which is worse?

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The UK has spent more money fighting Covid-19 than almost all comparable countries but still languishes towards the bottom of league tables of economic performance in 2020 and deaths caused by the virus, according to @FT@twitter.com research.

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I was just reading American Carnage and it’s made me think - when did the word “alt” as in “alternative” start to mean “very, to the point of being racist, awful and dangerous”. And why do we accept this cosy nomenclature for the far right? It’s weird how casual it all is.

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Very good from @TheDesKelly@twitter.com. @btsport@twitter.com are paying £9.22m per match for the Sat 12.30 slot, £100,000 each minute. They will obviously want the biggest clubs on it. If they cannot pick teams in CL then PL will need to renegotiate a significant cut in fees.

This really is such a tremendous thread. Really lovely.

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The most stressed out I've ever been about Christmas was when I was 16 and I got my first ever job, working at M&S in Dundrum.
As soon as I started I kept hearing these myths about the Christmas Eve Waste Sale, where all the food that wasn't sold on the 24th was marked down 90%.

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I couldn’t just walk past this Tweet, so here is some fun

Scented candles: An unexpected victim of the COVID-19 pandemic 1/n twitter.com/TerriDrawsStuff/st

Coal mines cause covid, pass it on

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Scrub that, managed to do it myself

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Hi @GarySambrook89@twitter.com can you please give me some insight into what constitutes a "substantial meal"? Cheers pal

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My new drug is putting that sexy saxophone crescendo from "Baker Street" over highlights...

Exhibit A: Wayne Rooney to Acosta (2018)

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Ska music Covid-19
problematic second wave

mad as well u can only set a world record when drunk on stout

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it fucks me up that when i first heard of michelin star restaurants i was like "the tire company??" and then i was like no that's dumb it has to be a different michelin and then it's just the fucking tire company recommending places to eat

Roo was desperate to do a video about Apollo 16 for his Cubs homework this week @staynorHprimary@twitter.com @MissHaigh_@twitter.com @NASA@twitter.com, cameo from @astro_timpeake@twitter.com 🚀

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