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Me: What are you thinking about?

My Kid: Nothing.

Me: I wish I could evolve to a place where my mind is always empty.

My Kid: Are you kidding? My mind is FULL!

Me: Full of what?

My Kid: Questions.

“Well we won’t be able to provide medicines or food to people but they’ll have plenty of electricity to moan about it on Facebook.”

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Yellowhammer turned out to be thin & poorly researched. A lot of it which went largely unreported was grudgingly reassuring. Our water supply will be fine, we'll still have normal services for electricity & gas, demand for energy will be met & no overall shortage of food.

Watching The Spy Who Dumped Me. It’s surprisingly good. Cheers.

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I insist that you refer to tech misogyny as "GNU/misogyny." I cannot allow my many contributions to this vital field to be credited to

The finale of S2 of GLOW is seriously uplifting. What a show,

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“What did I say?”

- “Don’t mislead the Queen.”

“And what did you do?”

-“I misled the Queen.”

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“You have to wonder whether Harry Kane was thinking about Paul Pogba’s penalty miss at Wolves.”

Dross Barkley trains with Harry Kane for a week and he’s already diving like a champ. You love to see it.

Watching the football. Parliament didn’t die for Harry Maguire to tit about like this.

Absolute pack of jackals. Absolutely disgraceful. Two years working on the Domestic Abuse Bill wasted. And these fuckers have the cheek to talk about sabetours and enemies of the people.

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Had it confirmed that neither the Domestic Abuse Bill nor the Divorce Bill were subject to a last-minute carry-over motion. Both will have to be started from scratch if they are brought back in the next parliament.

The Russian Girlfriends record is simply majestic. "Motherfucker, I'll save you fifty arrows". Imagine using Captain William Fetterman as a metephor for confronting jock culture. With _riffs_.

Also lol at anyone using the phrase "...have a charm about them that’s impossible not to be seduced by" about someone previously accused of predatory behaviour towards women.

I don't really follow Punktastic anymore except for the worsening 'reviews' in my RSS reader. The latest is insane, conflating My Chemical Romance and Tiny Moving Parts in the opening because of the word "emo".

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Boris Johnson’s record is now played five, lost five. Lucky for him his job is to manage the country and not Watford.

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Watching the Tory frontbench, who a week ago were insisting absolutely-no-sir-no-election-not-for-us are now screeching with red-faced anger at the supposed hypocrisy of Corbyn for not wanting an election this week.

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Confirmation, one presumes, that the Prime Minister will obey the law enacted by Parliament, and that, if there is any attempt by him to avoid doing so, Mr Buckland will immediately resign in service of his oath. twitter.com/robertbuckland/sta

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