Vote today lads, but not for the tories they are the baddies.


In retrospect I wonder if this might have been more significant than anyone realised at the time. BBC Trust found Kuenssberg’s reporting was misleading, BBC rejected the findings and abolished the Trust.

Imagine Lib Dems seeing the polls change and then beginning the search for conference venues just in case they get the chance to form a coalition with the Tories and have to take it to a party conference. You love to see the desperation.


If you’re on the fence about who to vote for tomorrow:


the room next door - Boris Johnson at the UN

now with subtitles by

I absolutely cannot believe the mad old fucker has hid in a fridge live on TV. Astounding behaviour.


How Tory are you on a scale from "simply not turning up to debates" to "literally shoving yourself into white goods to avoid answering questions"


Say what you will about Jo Swinson but she would never ever hide in a fridge. Not unless it was Tory policy to hide in a fridge.


Study finds 88% of Conservative ads and zero Labour ads are dishonest and untruthful.
BBC: they’re all as bad as each other

Really looking forward to this article given the hospital already released a statement apologising and confirming its true. It’s gonna be wild.


An hour ago I genuinely thought we were getting relegated and we’re now actually 2 points off 5th.

What a lovely Association Football Club this is.

This is the book I’ve been waiting for “Holy Fuck, There’s A Moon?!”


PS3 emulator enthusiasts are downgrading the microcode on their Haswell CPUs, so that they can unlock the bugged implementation of TSX and get a big FPS boost on RPCS3

Let’s get this out of the way though, Hole In the Ground is very very good, but it’s not as good as the Babadook. The comparisons are a bit wide of the mark as well for reasons that become obvious as the film progresses.

Just watched The Hole In The Ground on Netflix and fucking helllll

Similarly I’m up to date on Silicon Valley, what else is great in the 30m comedy landscape?

I’m watching Big Mouth for the first time. Does it get significantly better after the first episode? Because I have no interest in watching any more of it.



1) In 2008 a salmon (yes the fish) was put through an MRI scanner. The salmon was shown a series of photographs of humans in social situations, and asked to determine the emotion of the person in the photo (yes, really).


finally got my libdem canvassing leaflet that has the "remember.... we could only find one thing to mention about our candidate" error in. i love politics

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