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It looks like Google Search Console lost a date somewhere:

Linking page:
Last crawled: 1969-12-31 By default the JSON field called "timestamp" containing a UNIX timestamp in milliseconds will be used as the time of the log message.

Me: Sounds reasonable. Unless the JSON object contains another sequence of bytes that looks like a timestamp occurs earlier in the JSON string in which case it will be used instead.

Me: Excuse me what?

So if you are using sumologic you better be careful not to log any timestamps that aren't the current time or sort your JSON fields 🤢

Service managers that pass sockets to daemons are incredibly cool.

1. A script is stuck. IPFS is probably hung.
2. Navigation to IPFS webui hangs.
3. Restart IPFS. Graceful shutdown fails, it gets SIGKILLed.
4. Pre-start config fails due to an IPFS bug.
5. Manually start IPFS daemon to fix state.
6. Restart IPFS again.
7. Browser successfully finishes webui load.
8. Script finishes successfully.

So go-ipfs is trash, but I just had a hung process ungracefully restarted without any clients "noticing". just asked me to enter my password in digits over the phone. I guess they aren't storing passwords securely 😢

GitHub doesn't believe that Linux developers can have emoji.

function isEmojiSupported() {
const onWindows8 = /\bWindows NT 6.2\b/.test(navigator.userAgent);
const onWindows81 = /\bWindows NT 6.3\b/.test(navigator.userAgent);
const onFreeBSD = /\bFreeBSD\b/.test(navigator.userAgent);
const onLinux = /\bLinux\b/.test(navigator.userAgent) && !/\bAndroid\b/.test(navigator.userAgent);
return !(onWindows8 || onWindows81 || onLinux || onFreeBSD);

My dentist: You should use a softer toothbrush.
Also my dentist: Attacks my mouth with a steel pick.

I like how the Canadian Revenue Agency website asks you a different "security question" each time you login so that you can break into someones account if you know their mother's maiden name, their niece, their favourite movie OR the street that they grew up on!

Such security, many safe.

It boggles my mind that GitHub Actions pages don't have a link to the originating PR.

They even **show you the PR number** but provide no link. 🤦

I think more languages should have `unless`. I have seen lots of code like `if !(this || that)` that would be easier to read with `unless`. Sometimes `if !this && !this` is clear enough but I frequently find that I am decided between two mediocre options. I think the clarity of `unless`outweighs the benefit of another keyword, especially when it is so similar to `if`.

Chromium is slightly smarter

> Error saving setting with name: consoleHistory, value length: 10844792. Error: Failed to set a named property on 'Storage': Setting the value of 'consoleHistory' exceeded the quota.

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It turns out that Firefox and Chromium developer tools do not like it when you paste 10MiB of JSON into them.

Now my console history is "protected" behind a 5min lockup.

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