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If your UI says "No results" while the results are loading your UI is broken.

Search results in a pop-up menu is an anti-pattern that needs to go away. The odds that I am satisfied with the first result is **low** and re-typing my search query gets real old really fast.

Ansible: Don't you wish you could write shell scripts in YAML?

Supports any database which has JDBC driver (which basically means - ANY database).

EE version also supports non-JDBC datasources.


I've always wondered if the Google 404 page title "Error 404 (Not found)!!1" is a joke or a typo 🤔

Starting a job and getting your atlassian invite 😳

"Hello Jira, my old friend"

Using Firefox's HTTPS-only mode I've noticed that a huge number of companies send emails with HTTP links. It appears at though a lot of these are marketing redirects for click tracking. This is bad, we need these services to support HTTPS!

Weird tool I want: Passes stdin to stdout (like cat) but adds a newline every ~10s. This way when you are tailing a log file you can get an idea of if those lines you are looking at are recent, or older.

We put so much junk and boilerplate into the root of our repos that now most tools and style guides suggest putting our code into a `src` subdirectory.

That is right, we have so much junk in our code repo that we need to move our code away from the root so that we can find it.

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