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@LionsPhil I don't think it qualifies for "security theater" in most cases, especially end-user Windows boxes. The fundamental thing that makes anti-virus beneficial is that it is faster to push a detection definition than a patch for the vulnerable software, especially if your AV maintainer is active and the software maintainer isn't. (And unfortunately security fixes aren't a priority for lots of software.) So while it isn't an elegant or bulletproof solution it does provide real benefit (at huge cost).

@da I would expect it to apply to the whole condition. I don't think the other way makes sense in order of precedence. You couldn't write `(if !a) && b { ... }` so I wouldn't expect unless to work like that.

In languages with () around the condition it is even more obvious as it would be `unless (a || b)`

@LionsPhil I'm also in favour of until loops. However with most modern languages supporting a for-each construct I don't need it as much as until.

@da Personally I find it very hard to read `unless a or b` as `(unless a) and (if b)`. In fact my head is hurting a bit trying to figure out how you parsed that sentence 😅

I think more languages should have `unless`. I have seen lots of code like `if !(this || that)` that would be easier to read with `unless`. Sometimes `if !this && !this` is clear enough but I frequently find that I am decided between two mediocre options. I think the clarity of `unless`outweighs the benefit of another keyword, especially when it is so similar to `if`.

Chromium is slightly smarter

> Error saving setting with name: consoleHistory, value length: 10844792. Error: Failed to set a named property on 'Storage': Setting the value of 'consoleHistory' exceeded the quota.

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It turns out that Firefox and Chromium developer tools do not like it when you paste 10MiB of JSON into them.

Now my console history is "protected" behind a 5min lockup.

If your UI says "No results" while the results are loading your UI is broken.

@LionsPhil One of the many reasons why hard-wrapping is a silly idea.

Search results in a pop-up menu is an anti-pattern that needs to go away. The odds that I am satisfied with the first result is **low** and re-typing my search query gets real old really fast.

Ansible: Don't you wish you could write shell scripts in YAML?

Supports any database which has JDBC driver (which basically means - ANY database).

EE version also supports non-JDBC datasources.


@gudenau Look at the page title in the window or tab header. (or view source and look at the <title> element)

I've always wondered if the Google 404 page title "Error 404 (Not found)!!1" is a joke or a typo 🤔

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