Weird tool I want: Passes stdin to stdout (like cat) but adds a newline every ~10s. This way when you are tailing a log file you can get an idea of if those lines you are looking at are recent, or older.

@kevincox So you want a tool that adds timestamps linewise, really.

But gaps-every-N, at least, sounds like an awk one-liner you could just alias.

@LionsPhil @kevincox gaps every n lines would not do it for me.
I think I understand the question. I'm tailing a log. Shoot a service call to whatever server i get. Come back later and I have like four log entries. Hmm, is mine already in our did it not yet go through? Damn! Press enter and hit the service again, now I KNOW it's going to be a new entry.

Timestamps work (and `ts` does this) but it isn't as immediately obvious as blank lines. I don't want a blank line every N lines, I want it every N sec. So that if I look back I can tell how long ago the last message was based on how far up the screen it was.

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