Is it just me or does it feel weird when a signup form asks for your "business email"? I feel like it is none of their business what email I choose to give to them!

On the other hand I wouldn't be surprised if this is actually solving a problem. How many people try to sign up for something for work and just stick in their personal email. I suspect the frequency at which this happens would make me sad.

Considering buying another VPS from OVH. (I have an existing account that I purchased things with in the past).

> If you do not use any resources, you will not be debited and nothing will be withdrawn.

Next step:

> To get started quickly and harness the power offered by the OVHcloud Public Cloud, please pay a total of $30 CAD.

Sorry what? I thought nothing was going to be withdrawn?

Did YouTube just remove the seek scrubber from short vertical videos? Man, I thought removing the dislike button was bad. Apparently seeking is also harmful.

I recently decided to try to find some issues in a config language I wrote via fuzzing. I was impressed on how effective it was on a truing-complete language. It found some ungraceful error handling, infinite recursion and some other bugs. It even found my `panic` builtin which unsurprisingly causes a crash.

The sore spots are timeouts and stack overflows, it would be nice if these could not be considered failures. Something like running again with double resources and skipping if it succeeds.

Are you trying to tell me that "normal" people don't make dumplings that look like their cats?

How bad does your website need to be before you just give up and suggest that the user refreshes the page?

Sun Life has some infuriating notifications. The email they send you just lists every item with "We will pay your claim in accordance with the terms of your plan."

All this means is that they may pay some of it. It may sound at first read like they covered it fully (after all, they will pay) but that is not necessarily the case. I would like to see "Fully paid", "Partially paid" or "Rejected".

They also have a great table with "Percent
covered: 100%" on items that were only partially covered.

My feed reader started getting 403 responses for Medium RSS feeds. Publishing my blog to Medium also had an API endpoint return a 403 with HTML captcha.

This is probably because Medium uses Cloudflare and Cloudflare's defaults assume that all bots except for big search engines are bad. Site owners need to explicitly exclude endpoints intended to be consumed by robots (like feeds) to avoid braindead blocking.

I've written about this in the past, but it continues to be an issue.

If you are considering improving your site performance by hiding most of your comments behind a "click to load more" at <100 comments you should seriously reconsider instead not making your comment rendering so horrifically inefficient.

Modern computers can easily render 1000 comments with references reactions and other "fancy" features.

I end up getting a comment list that I can't search and is awkward to read which is kinda awful for a page who's whole goal is to show me comments.

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