It's strange, deciding to give up watching videos pertaining to a hobby because they don't motivate you to pursue that hobby but in fact have the opposite effect.

Like, you would think I'd be able to learn something from videos and come away inspired by seeing people posting their accomplishments, but for some reason it's not and I come away from the video wondering why I just watched someone stroke their own ego and push their brand down my throat.

Basically, guitar YouTube is demotivating because it's generally a bunch of gigging professionals who are using it to get more gigs under the guise of providing "wisdom" to the masses, where the wisdom usually boils down to "here's what I, a professional, do professionally with all the time I have as a professional musician". That's not wisdom, that's a to-do list.

Watching someone who's been on countless hit records shred next to $20,000 worth of gear gets old fast, especially when you can tell the content isn't meant to inform but to show off the creator's skills. That has its place, but not as the massive, Texas toast-sized slices of bread for a single slice of extra-thin advice in the metaphorical sandwich of video content.


@dathagerty if you would like some Texas toast sized good advice, I can heartily recommend this video

Esp. because the last part of the video she literally teaches a song.

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@ketmorco Ayyy, I love Mary Spender! She's one of the few I enjoy. There's her, Eric Haugen, and Jens Larsen.

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