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To celebrate , here's my :

I'm a human bean that believes that we should all be excellent to each other.

Husband and father are essential parts of my identity.

I believe that technology can be a powerful force for good, but in 2020 is mostly broken.

I love many things. Here are some:

- and
- and

Do you work with /#SaltProject? Interesting in giving a talk at ? We'll be putting out our call for speakers, June 7-19!

work, testing, software dev 

Hey friends! Once again it's time for the -

Right now we're writing tests for some of the core functionality of Salt. Will I finish up today? Let's find out!

art, spider eye contact 

Please enjoy this jumping spider sketch

Art, bones, eye (socket) contact 

Please enjoy this skellington

Anyone out there using the temperature/humidity sensor with and the ? I'm having issues with it actually reading pulses using the adafruit library...

Happy corporatism 

G*ogle photos and Amaz*n are cheerful today.

Or smug?

Any friends out there just starting out? I've got all the fruit types and a whole bunch of recipes. Hit me up!

ph+-, vaccine 


Round 2 is super effective! My body is like, wait WTF IS THIS?!?!

I'm fine but I feel like hot garbage. Literally, I don't have an internal temp but my body is hooooot.


Hey friends! The is starting at - if you have some test related questions, want help getting started, or just want to watch me write tests... come join me!

Capitalism, probably offensive 

Spotted at walmart and I don't even

Even typing on a crappy $15 wireless keyboard from Amazon is infinitely better than typing on my phone screen.

I never had a CrackBerry, but after seeeing the difference here I can tell it would be a joy.

How can one use a DHT for new information?

Like, torrents are things, right? But they're static.

And websites are technically just pointers to a webserver - the content can change at the same address.

I want a combination of the two, basically. To be able to publish a thing like an address that people can use to get dynamic content, but from /me/ 🤔

What would that look like?

Boosts welcome!

Questions, Office365 

Folks who like to use :

How has it improved your life? What things have been better over what you used to use?

Boosts welcome!

I've been thinking recently about information and protocols. SMTP is a very good protocol for async communication. Git or other DVCS are good when you need to keep historical information around. And there are some really neat tools like bittorrent and [beaker][1] for distributing data in a peer-to-peer fashion.

But how do you combine p2p with something like URLs? Like... I want something:// to be able to point to the latest thing. But I also want to serve p2p?


I mean, I get that leather is a thing, but why in the world can't we make a protein based leather that's durable like actual leather?

Like... if you take a piece of leather and an identical piece of pleather and you drag them along the road, the pleather will disintegrate almost immediately. Leather? Not so much.

We can make ceramic tiles that withstand re-entry, but not some kind of fake leather??!

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