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To celebrate , here's my :

I'm a human bean that believes that we should all be excellent to each other.

Husband and father are essential parts of my identity.

I believe that technology can be a powerful force for good, but in 2020 is mostly broken.

I love many things. Here are some:

- and
- and

Writing more cache tests for ! Join me at as I work on the etcd/consul cache tests. I finished the MySQL tests on Tuesday, hoping to get etcd/consul done today?

work, testing, streaming 

Hey my -y friends! Are you interested in and ? Come join me at for the

Hey fediverse!

I like doing art!

Would anyone be interested in art from me, for free?

retoots welcome

Hey friends! Do you like and ? Come join the Salt Project at

I can help you get started writing your own tests, or absent that I'll be working on adding cache tests!

Hey -y friends! Are you interested in and -ing? Are you interested in contributing to ? Or do you just want to watch me struggle with writing tests?

If any of those are true, come join me at as I write some tests! We're *still* working on the Azure pillar test fixtures... but I'm also happy to help you get started working on your own tests!

More today! Is today the day I finish up the azureblob tests??? I hope so!

Join me at for the Test Clinc

Is it already that time again?! time!

Still working on azureblob pillar tests - I *think* I'll be able to wind those up today!

Anyway - come join me at and see if I can... or bring your own Salt PRs and I'll help you get started writing tests - or let you know if there's anything you can improve in your own!

Just replacing a bunch of paper copies of user/owners manuals with .pdfs.

So nice <3

This is a good reminder, and also a great celebration of the late Gene Rodenberr

Writing in for today!

Join me at for the as I write tests live using and !

Or don't! I'm not the boss of you, you do what you want to do!

is starting soon!

Join me as I write some tests in / for !

If you have some of your own questions about writing tests, bring them! Otherwise, I'm currently working on rewriting some pillar tests for pillars.

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