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To celebrate , here's my :

I'm a human bean that believes that we should all be excellent to each other.

Husband and father are essential parts of my identity.

I believe that technology can be a powerful force for good, but in 2020 is mostly broken.

I love many things. Here are some:

- and
- and


Salt Project is starting now:

Join me as I write tests for /#SaltProject! If you're curious about contributing to Salt, this is a great place to start!

I've been updating my personal website because... I wasn't happy.

Getting more focused on the *content* over the style...

Hey any friends with fruit? I've got apples, pears, and coconut, looking for the rest of the collection

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Hey friends! I'm the Project is starting now -

Are you interested in programming, /#bdd, or ? I'll be writing tests live, and if you want to learn how to write tests in and for Salt, come join us!

work, testing, streaming 

Hey friends! Come join me at as I write some tests for

If you have questions about testing, especially how to get started, this is a great place to be!

Oh yeah! Friday!

I already have a list of folks to support today, but drop your recs below 👇

Excited for Monday when my 3 gallons of evaporust shows up. This will get the evaporust again... For the first time.

I love tools.

I recently bought a radiator pressure tester kit:

Yeah, it's mostly plastic, and if you have someone throwing it around it'll break pretty quick. But I just diagnosed a coolant leak in my radiator in like... 20 minutes, and apparently I have an odd sized GM radiator cap, cause that's what took the most time.

Anyway, tools are awesome!

Not very impressed with ruamel.yaml

It's got a lot, but the documentation is very lacking and it feels overly complicated. Maybe that's because is stupid.

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10 months.

That's apparently how long it takes my mind to start generating maskless in crowded places nightmares

This was one poor rusty boi when I picked it up, I think off Facebook Marketplace.

I dunked it in some and uh... well, let it soak there for way too long because I'm a horrible . Anyway, I finally took the time to pull it apart, give it an oil and grease, a bit of spray paint, and put it back together.

The shoulder brace is still broken, but... it works!

I learned a lot and would like to re-restore this... but... yeah!

The great tragedy about making for your phone is that you need your phone to take pictures of it.

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Hey masto friends!

is happening again today in about 1h.

Writing some super basic tests for

If you're interested in and , join me at

work, streaming, programming 

Hey friends!

Come join me at for the and watch me write some tests!

streaming, work, etc. 

Hey friends! Come join me at for the Test Clinic and watch me write a bunch of tests for the !

Intersting. Slack is down but doesn't say there are any problems. Cool, cool.

Woo, recycling finally showed up. Good deal. Next up, trash pickup!

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