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To celebrate , here's my :

I'm a human bean that believes that we should all be excellent to each other.

Husband and father are essential parts of my identity.

I believe that technology can be a powerful force for good, but in 2020 is mostly broken.

I love many things. Here are some:

- and
- and

That spot between your back teeth where the raspberry seed goes.

We are all flawed in the same way.

“Street Somatics- tips for regulating nervous systems in uprisings” by Prentice Hemphill, instagram vid link w/captions 

“...We can be grateful for the wisdom of our bodies that know how to turn up and at the same time we can self and co-regulate our nervous systems to cycle down so that we can be in the work for justice for the long haul.”

FUCK ICE, fuck the GOP:

TLDR: If your university is shifting to an entirely online semester due to the /global pandemic/, you need to transfer to a university with in-person instruction or they'll revoke your VISA.

I didn't realize until Covid how some people didn't go to restaurants for the food, but because they liked to fantasize that they have their own personal slave to berate.

super cool how the movement for the rights of black people has been co-opted by companies being like “okay this family guy character no one gives a FUCK about won’t be voiced by a white guy anymore” so we can have 300+ comment threads about how cancel culture has gone mad instead of talking about how we don’t want to be killed, that’s fun

psst, cis people can choose their name too. you don't have to keep LARPing as what your parents branded you as

It's finally here, teasing is over:

I'm excited to launch #keyoxide today!

#FOSS solution for easy encryption, signature verification and decentralized identity proofs!

I've been in favor of #DeleteKeybase but I never had something to offer as an alternative. Now I do :)

@ryan I wasn't before but am now v. worried about this horse statue, thanks so much

coronavirus, usa medical system, capitalism 

the usa buying up all the world's potential covid-19 treatment is a stark demonstration of the usa's privatised healthcare system's capacity to harm populations even outside the usa. other countries might use that medicine to treat people. in the hands of the profit-based usa medical system it goes unused, it exists as a high-value financial commodity, it is taken out of circulation.

i love how transit police cost more than what the TTC loses to people not paying.

like, what the fuck lmfao.

The Nielsen/Norman group has a long history of finding design trends that are horrible for usability but are absolutely EVERYWHERE and doing actual research to show that "No, you really shouldn't do that if you want people to be able to actually *use* your site."

I'm not sure if they've ever managed to slow or stop those trends, but at least they post articles that I can point people to.

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On blocking 

@bgcarlisle I couldn't agree more with the idea that "No one is entitled to your attention"

Most of our media economy is actually an attention economy. Attention is a resource even more valuable than time, since time passes anyway even when you're not paying any attention.

a common line I hear in activist circles among other white people is that they aren't interested in reading political theory or philosophy because the only people interested in theory and philosophy are cis white men

and that is some racist and sexist shit - to assume that only white men are interested in philosophy erases all of the BIPOC theorists and philosophers who have shaped and continue to shape our knowledge

You should also read this piece on the Video Game History Foundation reconstructing a lost Days of Thunder NES game using 30-year old 21 source code floppy disks

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I am trying to come up with an idea to post to keep my notifications lane moving but can't think of anything so can you just like and/or boost this post for no reasons? Thanks.

Tomorrow morning: signing a bunch of papers selling our old house. Wednesday: buying our new one.

It's not hopping in an RV and touring the country (shout-out to covid-19!) But... It's the next phase of life.

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