Also hung the pesky guitars on the wall. The bottom one is covered in Batman comics.

Finished my home office, ready for a remote role. Rate my setup 😎

Netflix makes some amazing series but don’t think they’ve hit their movie stride yet. Very hit and miss at best and just ‘ok’ for the rest.

Recorded a podcast today, well, as a guest. Talking about resilience and how to get into web development. Excited to hear how it turn out.

Tomorrow I being a new journey with IAM Cloud. It’s a 95% remote role and I’m super excited about it. Wish me luck ☺️

Handyman antics done for the day: hung epic guitars (including a Batman one, oh yes) on the wall, and built a desk for my new remote office job 😊

‪Annnnnnnnnd I’m pretty much done with YouTube. The content to advert ratio is so tiny now and I’m buggered if I’m paying over £10 a month to just get rid of adverts. It’s a shame as it used to be a great platform for independent content creation. ‬

I made a thread on Thread Reader about an interesting response to my CV during a recent job hunt.

The TL;DR is that I was told to remove a skills measuring section as it showed I was ‘half good at something’. Think he missed the point.

But I would be interested in your thoughts/experiences.

Check it out:

Woop woop, finally choose a Mastodon instance to join and it’s technology 😎😎

Now just to work out what the hell Mastodon is all about and we’re laughing.

Come say 👋

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