I really feel I have a bit of an hard time getting started using this over Twitter, I think it boils down to the fact that not many people are here :(

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@kelset Well, it depends what you want out of your experiences and the kind of interactions with others that you want.

I'm curious: what do you find lacking in the smaller numbers of people?

And, by the way, welcome to the Fediverse!
Well, you don't need many people, actually. You need good people. A good person is much better than one thousand that don't give a damn about you!

@kelset Last user count milestone I remember seeing here was 4M people a few months ago. Even if you only find 0.1% of the people here interesting, that's over 4000 cool people! I can recommend scrolling through the federated timeline for a while. Because it's purely chronological you will see a load of crap there, but that's your opportunity to mute the annoying stuff, block the bad stuff, and follow people you see posting interesting stuff to get you started, then it just grows from there.

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