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Less is more, the redesigned FediDB is live and we'll be opening registrations soon! 🚀 #FediDB

3,999,999 accounts
+30 in the last hour
+2,028 in the last day
+20,228 in the last week

TFW they do a new version of The Real Folk Blues but that perfect bassline is gone.

Frontier left millions - MILLIONS - of American households on slow DSL rather than fast fiber, not because it wouldn't be profitable to connect them, nor because it wouldn't be profitable ENOUGH, but because it wouldn't be profitable enough OVER LESS THAN FIVE YEARS.

Those are the households trying to get their educations, do their jobs, seek medical care, stay connected to their families, tend to their finances, and engage in politics over infrastructure that dates to the previous century.

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Happy International Workers' Day!

We whine about 8-hour workdays being long but we got it down to 8 hours 5 days a week literally through the blood and deaths of protesting workers demanding their freedoms while the police shot at them. Capitalism kills; your VC buddies and billionaire idols don't give a shit if you live or die.

This is a bot-made meme. The bots know. (Stolen from bird site)

termenv v0.5.2 is out!

Advanced ANSI style & color support for your #golang terminal needs. Writing beautiful CLI applications has never been easier!

I just tried out DeepL again and I'm baffled. It got even better since I last used it, and today I wouldn't have changed a single word in the translation.

Kinda crazy to think about it this way, but maybe we have to consider machine translation a solved problem (for formal texts anyways, I wouldn't want novels translated with it).

#MachineLearning #Translation #DeepL

Selfie-to-anime GAN! Love the lighting-induced eye heterochromia, and, well, *everything* that happens with my hair!

Tutorials with code snippets as images should be illegal

I feel like the whole "poison ivy is a bad guy because she is too extreme in her need to save the earth" aged poorly .

PSA: please stay clear of r/pinephone. The subreddit is ran in bad faith and for nefarious reasons. Full statement in the provided link:

@PINE64 apparently someone in your forums got Verizon VoLTE to work on the #pinephone on Debian phosh with modemmanager FYI. This is really exciting.

Expecting evil things to be automatically deployed when I reach my 666th GitHub follower.

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