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If you could end COVID-19 by sacrificing one programming language, which one would you choose and why is it PHP?

Managed to build @keybase and Riot electron clients for my @PINE64 pinebook pro! Now this thing is ripping!

covid, money 

holy shit i didn't realize i could apply for PPP money as an independent contractor until someone clued me in today.

if you're a sole proprietorship/independent contractor 75% of the loan amount is basically forgiven immediately and you can spend the other 25% on rent, mortgage, utilities etc.

covid, econ 

The discrepancy between massive unemployment and a rising stock market is disturbing, and the 60% of Americans who do not own stocks "may be just trying to keep food on the table", writes the radical Marxist publication ... [checks notes] ... MarketWatch?

How to animate a rotating box using Python.

Stolen from birdsite.

Gtk question, boosts+ 

If I have a gtk text view is there a signal handler for it being defocused (i.e user clicks away? Specifically, I am using gtk-rs.

#rust #gtk #programming

the internet: does a straw have one hole, or two? 🤔🤔🤔
topologists: i have waited my entire fucking life for this moment

food scarcity, lentils 

So, I have this writeup I was going to make about how to eat really cheaply with pantry-stable foods, because that's largely how I've cooked for a long time.

But... I don't know if it makes sense to publish anymore, when lentils, the cheapest source of good nutrition in the world, sells for $15/bag online.

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