#LineageOS is an alternative form of the Android operating system, which works like a normal Android but has the Google-based apps removed.

It can be installed on Android smartphones to replace the Google version of Android.

It's *very* complicated to install, but if you're a tech expert, or you know an expert who can help you, you can download it from the official website:


The download links include installation instructions.

#AlternativesAtoZ #Android #DeleteGoogle

> It's *very* complicated to install

YMMV – but the *install* is not that complicated: Download the ZIP, boot to recovery, select "install from sd card" and then the file, done. Preparations are sometimes a bit more tricky – especially when the manufacturer made unlocking the bootloader a pain. But the install?


@IzzyOnDroid @swedneck @switchingsocial the preparation counts. I haven't installed lineage, but I have flash new firmwares, and yeah, it's hard. At least on Samsung and Moto. I say this as someone who runs Debian Unstable at home, has a VPS, etc.

@kelly_clowers @swedneck @switchingsocial on my BQ it was a breeze, as the manufacturer literally hasn't put any hurdles. Just `fastboot oem unlock && fastboot flash recovery` (for TWRP), followed by what I wrote before. So the only hurdle is to have the `fastboot` binary working with your device. Never was a problem for me on Linux – but lazy Windows needs a driver for everything or it does nothing…

@IzzyOnDroid @kelly_clowers @switchingsocial IIRC my lenovo p2 was *almost* as easy, i had to wait 30 days for it to unlock the bootloader first.

Sadly lenovo removed the ability to unlock the bootloader on recently produced ones..

@swedneck @kelly_clowers @switchingsocial THAT is the real culprit. I never buy devices that are either unlockable (as your Lenovo, or newer Huaweis) – or require me to "subscribe" for an unlock code (Xiaomi, Motorola and some others).

If you have such a device, it can become difficult to impossible. Hence rather support manufacturers who make it easier, for their doing so. Like BQ. Big thumbs-up to them 👍

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