Are we over trying to JavaScript all the things and back to letting browsers do what they're good at yet? No? Ok.

Since getting laid off, I have yet to receive my last pay cheque or severance 😔

I'm available for short term freelancing gigs if you know anyone looking!

How to tell a true friend: they strip the tracking identifiers and amp junk from a url before sharing it with you.

I hope your day is filled with powerful Labour MP thinks a fetish is a "worry" and boldly declares he has thousands of them, the biggest of which is probably "the horses" energy today.

Quite happy with my little garden of death. It's over to years old now and the plants look very happy with multiple ones in bloom.

Five different types of sundew, two types of Venus fly traps and a pitcher plant. The tropical pitcher got too big, it's in its own pot now.

We're hiring still at Mozilla!

This feels squickily like self-promotion (which I hate), but some folks round here might find something interesting there.

I will also mention that we have ongoing efforts to recruit folks who are *not* like me - i.e. straight old cis white guys.

So, if you are *not* like me along any of those axes, I especially encourage you to give it a looksee.

Yearly reminder to wait for .1 to upgrade macOS. This year, also note that if you use any software that’s not 64-bit, it will just stop working.

Can Linus come to the fediverse and repeat that more loudly? That would be nice.

It's NOT funny anymore, thanks.

What I think of when you say you can't listen to songs longer than 3 minutes

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