Hey, watch out! Dark Sky has been bought by Apple, and they're shutting down the API by the end of 2021 https://blog.darksky.net/dark-sky-has-a-new-home/

it's world backup day (PSA) 

The 6-Foot Zone and the maximum amount of horses that could fit inside with you xkcd.com/2286/ #xkcd

food hot take 

It's actually called ÜFI. The UEFI spelling is just to be ASCII compatible

Saw this ferry, named the “Friendship Expess”

Destination: Out of Service.

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sometimes I wonder why mastodon thinks my replies to other people are worthy of being blasted to all my followers

I've been working on attachments + OMEMO user experience lastly in Salut à Toi (just implemented BTBV policy, so no need to manually accept all fingerprints by default). I think Cagou (Desktop/mobiles frontend) is now really usable! I'll publish a progress note soon, probably with some screenshots, stay tuned.

I'm currently participating at the online Berlin Sprint, things are moving fast for XMPP these days.

#xmpp #omemo #salutatoi #cagou #sprint

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