Anyone running an RPG over mastodon yet? It would be really neat to try, the GM could create accounts for monsters etc (they could even be bots and track their own stats etc)

I am bring thrown a 500 service error when trying to upload media on Mastodon instance. Anyone run into this? Any idea what it could be?

I have launched an instance for web developers. I would love for you to check it out😁

Does anyone know how often the Mastodon instance list is updated. I recently updated my server to have IPv6 enabled, but it doesn;t seem to be reflected on


@keezee It's currently looking a lot better than it was. I notice some differences from this instance, but that is either something which is due to configuration, or just a different version of Mastodon.

Just rebuilt the DO droplet, re-installed & configured docker, set up & configured nginx, established cronjobs, & secured the instance via ssl successfully in an hour....A week ago, that took me about 30 hours :))))

@ashfurrow Hey Ash, on my instance, all the icons except for the 'retweet' just stopped showing up. Any idea what might have caused this? How can I remedy?

My mastodon instance stopped pulling in the icons to left of the column headers as well as the favorite and reply icons. I was altering the css, but the only thing I have touched is background colors and font colors. Any idea why this might have happened?


I just got my instance up and running - I hope it becomes a place for web developers to talk about what they are doing, collaborate, and what they are learning. Cheers!🤗

Well, after aton of tinkering with the nginx conf file, I finally got my instance up and running - HUGE shoutout to @Admin @jlamar @mykola @james @marcus I learned a fuck ton.


I am getting a 404 for my instance in regards to the assets (css, js, & images). In web dev console, it is throwing a 404 foreverything in the assets folder. I have confirmed that the assets folder exists and has the appropriate files. Anyone else run into this? How to fix it?

Mastodon instance is not seeing assets in assets folder. Showing a 404 for the sweats in web dev tools, I can see the actual assets if I navigate to the folder. Any idea on what's going on?

So I got my mastodon instance up and running FINALY..But the page is only showing the markup. The CSS is not being applied to the page, Any tips??

@keezee try running sudo docker-compose build; if that works you have not.

The command is sudo usermod -aG docker $USER

(You might also have to logout and back in after this, I can't remember)

Update On Instance Creation 

Sidenote: Did you checkout the latest tag of Mastodon or just use the master branch?

Update On Instance Creation 

I am getting the Mastodon Elephant with the 'something went wrong message'. How can I troubleshoot this? Any ideas on what to check?

goodnight fediverse!! Huge shoutout to @cwm & @r3dey for the help. I'm hoping to figure out the issue by this weekend and have an instance up and running. cheers!!😀

Ok so has been changed to the appropriate domain in both places. I am now given the below error when trying restart nginx - Also, thank you so much for the help man! I REALY appreciate it :))

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