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My new notebook for work:

Let colleagues disappear without a trace.

Level 1 : Basics & preparation

Tested by Italian experts

Salmon covered with capers, white wine - saffron sauce and
spiral pasta

Just read again about Therac-25. An example of a race condition and safety issue in a medical device in the 1980s.

Shared via web: YouTube: One-Minute Time Machine A short film about the consequences of time travel

actually an autumnal dish, but tastes excellent again today.

Red cabbage-maroni-fried sausage-fried potato leftover meal

ufff .... found a detailed description about Classify Instruction

Not mentioned in

but in detail in

Single-Precision Floating-Point Classify Instruction

0 rs1 is −∞.
1 rs1 is a negative normal number.
2 rs1 is a negative subnormal number.
3 rs1 is −0.
4 rs1 is +0.
5 rs1 is a positive subnormal number.
6 rs1 is a positive normal number.
7 rs1 is +∞.
8 rs1 is a signaling NaN.
9 rs1 is a quiet NaN.

Hell is frozen, the world does not exist for much longer.

God of War is on Steam for purchase, for Windows .!.... you heard right ! for Windows !

I immediately have started downloading 🙂

What is your favorit burek?

(FYI : Borek or burek is a filled pastry made of a thin flaky dough such as filo with a variety of fillings, such as meat, cheese, spinach or potatoes.)


Das verlangt nach einem voting!

Can someone give me a hint what mastodon lists is about and how to use them?

How do you say an asshole colleague that he should fucking care more for his work than for mine in a polite way?

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