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Decided to go downstairs and to dig out my old Samsung TV to upgrade my tiny 4:3 screen.

I think a DX2-66 with a Voodoo 1 deserves this upgrade 🙂

Doom without 3dfx also looks great on it 😂

Well, Screamer2 (Bleifuss 2) does not work so far ... will have to investigate

Descent 2 works, but seems to need too much CPU resources.

" Playing Screamer 2 with a 3dfx Voodoo
There are two patches that add 3dfx Voodoo support depending on what card you have. "

OK ... lets find the patches and go


Ich glaube ich schau mir gerade mein eigenes Profil an ;-)

Intermediate learning state :

RISC-V 32 Bit Integer Instruction Set Reference Sheet

Types :
R ... Register2Register
I ... Immediate
S ... Store
U ... Upper Immediate
B ... Branch
J ... Jump

Hi, just moved from to

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