BBQ status :

sparerips at its best ... not black but dark.

It was hard to get them out of there in one piece perfect was the meat that it disolved itself from the bones .

Other highlights : Chicken Lollipops, smoked vegetables, baked potatoes

This was one of my most perfect BBQ days!

BBQ status :

started at 7am ...

Indirect temperature lower than 120°C

smoking and making wet with beer&honey mixture every hour

Enough work for today. Cleaned and prepared the kettle grill for BBQ tommorow 🥩 🍗 🍖

Well, it did not take the reed 1 Month to gain 1m in height, it just took 2 weeks ! 😀

Found my old Nokia XpressMusic 5310 again and bought a replacment battery and a prepaid test SIM.

How long will the battery survive without recharging?

Day 1 (after 24hrs) ... Battery state still 100% ... did not use it a lot

My giant chinese reed is also coming. In one month it will be1m in height (up to 3m in 2-3 months).

Cherry blossom almost like in Japan

Not only in Japan, but also in Vienna, the cherry blossom brings spring with it. While in Japan the cherry blossom usually starts in mid-March, in Vienna the buds blossom in mid-April to the end of April - and attract numerous onlookers.


whatever you say, i'm only interested in the stein beer ;-)

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