Kdenlive's first fundraiser starts today! Donate and help support developers implement exciting new features (like nested timelines and a new effects panel), and maintain and improve the code.

@kdenlive there is something _very_ wrong with that site. the "what will your donation achieve" box sits above other things and captures mouse interaction. That limits what I can click in the donation widget! (firefox on windows, if that is important).

This may deter people from donating!

@logicalwillow yeah, you're right! I now can click all those buttons just fine in the same OS/Browser... combination.

@kdenlive Just now i'm going to make my donation... Kdenlive is simply amazing and you are really improving it until very PRO LEVELS !!

Only as testimonial (not very spectacular, hehehe) i use it each week to render my video version of our podcast on Youtube:

It's so easy to manage all... specially to add the AUDIO WAVE on screen !! it's simply amazing. And it's really stable now, at least on Ubuntu 22.04.

Geat work! 😍

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