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📢 NUEVO artículo en mi blog 📝

La comunidad de KDE España y KDE Internacional se reunirán en Barcelona este 2022

Las comunidades de @kde_espana y @kde se darán cita del 29 de septiembre al 7 de octubre en los respectivos #akademyes y #akademy

The wait is over!
Our first keynote speakers for are Volker Hilsheimer and Pedro Bessa. They will be “Building the Future of Qt, Together”.
To know more about what’s happening this year at Akademy check out our program and don’t forget to register

Get your T-shirt before the time runs out. The last date to send in your order is 30 August.

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KDE Gear ⚙️ 22.08 has landed! The collection of KDE apps and frameworks brings improved touchscreen support for Elisa music player, barcode scanning for Itinerary travel assistant, multi-cursors for Kwrite and Kate text editors, and much, much, more.

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@kde KDE Neon looks very awesome ! I'm very happy to use it on a old computer. Thanks KDE for your work #kde #kdeneon

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After the hustle and bustle of talks and BoFs at , you can enjoy a day trip to Montserrat mountain. For more details and registration visit

KDE's Adam Szopa talks about KDE's community goals with KDAB.

T-shirts are for everyone, whether attending online or in person. Grab your T-shirt now!

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Akademy is finally back in person with full of exciting talks and activities. Check out some of the intriguing topics in 's schedule:

This week in KDE: Easier Samba sharing setup, Plasma Timer applet received a big overhaul and many improvements in screen and monitor management.

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