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Registration is Open!

Join either in person or online from Saturday 1st - Friday 7th October. Find more details here:

Akademy is free to attend however you need to register to reserve your space.

KDE PIM devs, creators of your favorite email, address book and task managers, have been hard at work improving accessibility in Kleopatra, implementing address books for Kalendar and porting Kontact to Qt6 (among many other things).

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Aleix Pol explains what KDE, Plasma, the apps, and the community is all about to Marcelo Tapia on the LT8 Radio Rosario Podcast (in Spanish).


Aleix Pol explica de qué va KDE, Plasma, sus apps, y la comunidad a Marcelo Tapia en el podcast de LT8 Radio Rosario (en español)

Attention California! Come visit the KDE booth at 2022 and find out about our projects, get sweet stickers, attend demos, and more!

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Very cool new setting in #Krita 5.1(beta1): use separate cursor settings for eraser. 😍

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Design your own KDE sticker! We are looking for new images to include with the stickers.

Send us your design and you could win the goodie bundle, with the official T-shirt and, of course, the stickers.

We're halfway through the year and it is a good moment to review what KDE's app developers have been up to these past months. Check out all the new stuff in Krita, LabPlot, GCompris, KStars, and more:

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La família de peluixos de programari lliure ha crescut. Avui un especial per fer enveja a en @t3rr0rz0n3 . Tot i que no se si el germanet que te darrera fa encara més enveja :P

#crochet #amigurumi #kde #konqi #tióDeNadal
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Hoy finaliza el plazo para presentar tu charla (Call for Participation) para . Tienes hasta las 11.59 UTC (13.59 España). ¡Vamos que no llegas!

The Call for Participation for closes today at 11.59 pm UTC. Send in your talks now!

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The Call for Participation for closes on Sunday, 19 June 2022 at 11.59 pm UTC. Don't wait, send your talk now!

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I missed this, but very cool to have my 'Safe Landing' wallpaper featured as default in the new #KDE 5.25 release a couple days ago.

It's a few years old now, would love to work on another.

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