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Would you like to talk at ? Then don’t forget to submit your ideas, as the Call for Participation closes in 7 days!

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Job opening! KDE needs an "App Stores Support Engineer" to help our projects get their software on app stores everywhere and for all operating systems. Check out the offer: is this you?

We have also received notice that the criminal creators of **lightmoon malware** are sending out phishing emails trying to trick users into downloading their infected software. Please ignore and trash these messages.

Remember: The only legitimate sources for Kdenlive's software are your distro, well-established app stores (such as FlatHub), and Kdenlive's own download page located at:

Take care.

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SCAM: Lightmoon IS NOT Kdenlive. Lightmoon is MALWARE.

We have been notified of a site that is using Kdenlive's name and likeness to distribute malware to users. We will not be linking to the site to avoid accidental downloads, but if a search lands you on a site offering "lightmoon", "a free video editor" that looks in the screenshots identical to Kdenlive, this is malware.

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I've long been saying that lacks good looking, simple apps. Turns out I was wrong, and there are TONS of fantastic programs you can run on #Linux that are designed for KDE. Let's take a look:

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Interview met Plasma Mobile-ontwikkelaar Bhushan Shah
Wat zijn mijn opties als ik mijn telefoon met Vrije Software wil laten werken? Voor onze Android Opwaarderen-campagne interviewden we Plasma Mobile ontwikkelaar Bhushan Shah over het draaien van een privacy respecterend en veilig GNU/Linux-ecosysteem op uw telefoon.
#FSFE #VrijeSoftware #Interview #AndroidOpwaarderen #ITVeiligheid #KDE
cc @fsfe @kde @bshah

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Qt DevCon ( is a conference for Qt developers coming up soon.

There will be lots of interesting talks, including me talking about KDE's journey to Qt6.

If you are a KDE developer and would like to attend you can get a 50% discount. If you are interested get in touch with me

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Learn LabPlot the easy way! Improved documentation, an easy to follow series of videos, ... and now LabPlot comes with a complete set of sample projects to show you through examples how to leverage this powerful data analysis and visualization tool.

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The Call for Participation is open!

This is your chance to present your work and ideas to the community.

Find more information and submit your talk at

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Pepper&Carrot episode 37 production report: an important milestone today. The alpha version (still in French) was posted to proofreaders. Here is a photo of my setup over last month for drawing and inking all pages:

KDE releases today Plasma 5.25 Beta. This is for testing purposes and not advised for production use or as a daily driver. The final release will happen on June 14.

Would you like to help KDE devs squash bugs? Find out how to install the test version of Plasma on your distro and report bugs to

There will be a special Plasma 5.25 Beta review day on May 26. You will be able to work with devs and solve bugs in real time!

Watch this space for more details.

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Want to take your first steps in LabPlot? Check out our introductory videos!

* How to import and visualize data in LabPlot:

* How to fit a curve in LabPlot:

* How to make a line plot in LabPlot:

What else would you like to know how to do? Tell us in the comments!

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