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aaand I think it works? :D

Shout out to the @kde team for addressing a real world issue for us with multi-monitors! Even though I know in all the discussions people were... debating whether the concept of a 'primary' display made sense under Wayland, which itself doesn't support it, it's still much appreciated.

Anyone else wanting info on how I applied this, backporting it to 5.23 in Gentoo, let me know (just userpatches)

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🎉 Programa de charlas de Akademy-es 2021 en línea

Como ya sabréis este año se celebra Akademy-es 2021 de nuevo en línea por motivos de sobra conocidos por todo el mundo

Hoy viernes se ha publicado el programa de charlas de Akademy-es 2021.

Léelo y seguro que encuentras más de una razón para acompañarnos.

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With version 21.12 just around the corner, we are releasing the first beta version for testing. Try it out and help find breakages in your daily usage or bugs in these new features:

* Multiple Project Bins
* Multicam editing
* Same-track transitions
* Slip and Ripple trimming modes
* Noise reduction filter
* Importing folders ignoring sub-folder structures

New week, new Kalendar release: say hi to v0.2.0!

- Drag and drop incidences to change their dates/times
- Manage and customise your calendars in more depth
- Loads of bugfixes

Read all about this week's changes:

KDE weekend chats:

Tomorrow, Aleix Pol will be talking at SFScon about "How to make a living with KDE":

On Sunday, Eugene Mohr will be talking about KDE's video-editing software, Kdenlive, and its new functions at Tux Tage 21:

The website is now live. Join us and help us make more energy-efficient software and reduce e-waste.

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In the @fsfe 's sustainability track at #SFSCon @kde 's Joseph announced KDE' Eco - Building Energy-Efficient Free Software: #nt

Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss will be introducing the project at SFScon at 11:40 CET (UTC+01:00) in the event's Sustainability track:

Watch it live at:

Jonathan Riddell will be talking today about KDE's work to become more eco-friendly at the OpenUK Awards, held within the ongoing Cop26 conference. If you can make it to Glasgow by 18:00 UTC, don't miss it!

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21.08.3 is out fixing many same track transition issues. Other noteworthy improvements include loop zones don’t stop playback when adding effects, added ability to set clip thumbnails when hover seeking clips in the Project Bin and proxies can now be automatically generated for .mlt files.

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Kalendar v0.1.0 is out now!!!

While Kalendar is still under heavy development, we finally have a version that is ready to be packaged by distros!

Read all about our release, and about this week's massive list of changes, here:

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