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is entering a phase of many massive changes. First up, KDE's full-featured video editor is now part of the ASWF's list of recommended tools, alongside software used at Disney, Warner Brothers, Netflix, Amazon Studios and more.

Stayed tuned for more exciting announcements in the coming months.

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Beta testing day for Plasma 25th Anniversary Edition will be held on Friday, October 1. Join us and help kick some bug butts!

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Plasma 25th Anniversary Edition Beta is now out! Note that this release contains *unstable* software. Help KDE devs by downloading, testing and giving us feedback on the features listed in the announcement.

@tuxedocomputers becomes a KDE Patron! TUXEDO Computers builds and provides Linux-powered computers and notebooks. From now on, the company will support KDE to ensure we can carry on making great software.

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The LAS 2022 Call for Locations is out!

If you’d like to bring LAS to your city please let us know. We are looking for letters of interest by 1 October 2021

You can find more information here:

#KDE #gnome #Linux #linuxappsummit #opensource #TECH4ALL

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Initial implementation of multicam editing in just got merged. 😎

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¿Estás buscando un editor de texto?

Conoce Kate creado por #KDE

✔️Puede abrir varios documentos a la vez.
✔️Posee varios modos de vista.
✔️Dispone de plegado de código.
✔️Resaltado de sintaxis.
✔️Justificado de línea dinámico.
✔️Consola integrada.
✔️Interfaz para complementos.

The over 120 individual programs plus the dozens of programmer libraries that makeup KDE Gear are getting today more than two weeks worth of bugfixes and updated translations in version 21.08.1:

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Keep up with what is new in : Plasma Mobile Gear 21.08 is out and it comes with general improvements to speed and stability and new features for the clock, podcast and weather apps.

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Today is the day! — Nitrux 1.6.0 is available to download

We are pleased to announce the launch of Nitrux 1.6.0.

Check the changelog of the most recent version of Nitrux at our blog, link below.

#Nitrux #Changelog #Release #MauiKit #AppImage #News

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