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What's in the box? LabPlot, KDE's app for data analysts, researchers and statisticians, presents Box Plots, a tool that provides a quick visual summary of the important aspects of a distribution of values contained in a data set.

KDE Gear ⚙️ 21.08, an update for many of KDE's applications, comes out on Thursday, and we decided to try and make advertisements in different styles for some of the apps.

Today: Dolphin
Tomorrow: Elisa
Yesterday: Konsole

Want more apps?:

**NOTE:** Developers have informed us that the availability of the SSH plugin has been temporarily rolled back and may not be available in the first release due to some stability issues. However, you can expect it shortly after.

Background music is THINGAMAJIG ( by Jason Shaw, distributed under a CC By-SA 3.0.

Photo is of Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie (, and was taken by Peter Hame. Uploaded by Magnus Manske and distributed under a CC BY-SA 2.0.

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What would advertisements for different KDE apps look like? KDE Gear ⚙️ 21.08, an update to many of KDE's applications, comes out on Thursday, and we decided to give it a go.

Today: [Konsole](
Tomorrow: [Dolphin](
Wednesday: [Elisa](

[Want more apps?](

This Week in KDE: Kate's embedded terminal gets tabbed, contributions to Get New Things get grabbed, and widget handles get dragged.

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🎉NUEVO artículo en mi blog📖

KDE Express el nuevo podcast de la asociación KDE Expaña

KDE Express es una iniciativa de personas que forman parte de #KDE España para publicar podcasts en un formato más corto y sobre noticias de KDE 🤖

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Today is the day! — Nitrux 1.5.1 is available to download

We are pleased to announce the launch of Nitrux 1.5.1.

Check the changelog of the most recent version of Nitrux at our blog, link below.

#Nitrux #Changelog #Release #MauiKit #AppImage #News

This Week in KDE: Improvements to scaling on high density screens correct icon sizing, System Settings streamlines confusing options, Plasma's weather widget gets a better search, and much more!

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So I'm back on @kubuntu.
While I <3 Pop OS and its auto-tiling, I've realized I prefer @kdecommunity Plasma for everything else.

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KDE España kicks off "KDE Express", a Spanish-language podcast that delivers all the KDE news in 30 minutes or less.

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The @kde #PlasmaMobile team release the 21.07 update. It includes improvements to the overall performance of the environment; many new features in Kast, the podcast app; and stylistic tweaks to KClock, KRecorder, and KWeather, among many other things.

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First time using #Wayland with #KDEPlasma and it works pretty well so far! :manjaro: :kde: Okay, back to work...
#Manjaro #Linux #KDE

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It took me 2 Sundays afternoon but I now consider #KMail folder configuration dialog successfully redesigned. More screenshots in #kde

This week in KDE: The has landed! + the System Monitor now displays sensor loads and massive stability and usability improvements across the board.

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Windows version of the 21.04.3 series is available to download. There is also a hotfix release for the AppImage fixing missing Lumas.

KDE Plasma powers the desktop of the Valve .

Congrats Valve for releasing ! Thank you for choosing Plasma!

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