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Libre Graphics Meeting 2021 starts today and will be streaming talks until Sunday, May 30. Don't miss all the talks about @krita, Kdenlive, @inkscape, @blender, GIMP and other amazing graphics applications.

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A great interview about #Kdenlive with Massimo Stella about the #VideoEditor with discussion about KDE's welcoming community in last week's Destination Linux

Before the interview they kvetch a bit about USB A's trynary interface ( try it one way, try it the other way, try it the first way again )

Also check out this week's #DLN episode to see how the skybox remodel is going

#FLOSSpodcast #KDE #LibreGraphics

Keep up to date with Adam's series on KDE's Goals and find out the cool things contributors are doing to make KDE software consistent across the board, improve the KDE app catalogue and complete the migration to Wayland.

Beta Review day is today! Join the Plasma devs and help make Plasma 5.22 shiny and polished!

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#KDE is doing a #SoundDesign contest for #PlasmaMobile systems sounds, alarm tunes and ringtones in partneship with #LMMS
You have until June 13th to submit your sounds, and have a chance of future Plasma Mobile users hearing your work over and over! And also some other prizes).
#FOSS #FOSSaudio #LinuxAudio #MusicProduction #Audio

The KDE + LMMS Sound Competition is happening right now! Win KDE goodies and get your work promoted on social media to the tens of thousands of our followers. The deadline is until June 13th 11:59 PM (UTC).

Check out the rules & details at

Looking for inspiration? Check other people's submissions and send yours to

We can't wait to literally hear what you make for us!

GCompris is in the Information and Communications Technology textbooks of classes 1 - 4. For more information check this video from Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE).

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4.5 million kids in Kerala (India) are learning thanks to KDE. Read Aiswarya’s blog to find out how.

Make Plasma 5.22 great! Join us for Beta Review Day on May 22 and help us squash all the bugs in Plasma 5.22 Beta:

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Introducing the first ever @kde + LMMS #PlasmaMobile Sound Competition 🎶! Get your sounds on to Plasma Mobile, win KDE goodies and have your music 🎸 promoted to tens of thousands of users!

Check out the rules at

Submit your sounds to:


KDE Plasma 5.22 Beta, test version of Plasma 5.22, has been released. The final Plasma 5.22 version will be released on the 8th of June. If you like testing new (albeit, unstable) software, give it a whirl. We look forward to your feedback!

Co-Founder of TurtleSec and speaker Partrica Aas will deliver the opening keynote at

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Please note: Session Chair time slots are listed in 4 hour increments but session chairs are to switch per talk session (i.e. 1 hour on screen, 1 hour off screen)
If you have any questions please email the Akademy team.

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Become part of ! Become a volunteer! Sign up by May 15th and make Akademy happen.

There are perks too! Sign up for three sessions and you'll get a seriously cool T-shirt, along with the undying gratitude of the KDE Community.

More info at

The @krita Foundation, creators and maintainers of KDE's full-featured painting program for artists, start the Krita Fund: help keep the project going with your donations and get badges!

T-Shirt is here! Order before May 16th to make sure your shirt arrives before Akademy begins on June 18th.

Order it now from

Kdenlive's video café starts in 15 minutes. If you like making videos, join us to find out how Kdenlive can help you.

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