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A new Maui Weekly report is out. Some of the highlights are:

MauiKit framework split out.

New convergent controls and the apps get new features.

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Rolling out as we speak: 21.04, codenamed Hirsute Hippo! Based on but featuring Plasma 5.21 as the default desktop alongside many other updates at all levels of the wonderful stack that makes up our cool blue flavor.



Enjoy: 😀

Kdenlive, KDE's video editing software 🎥, gets a new AI automatic subtitling tool!

Kontact makes encrypting emails and protecting your privacy 🔏 even easier...

... and much, much more!

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⚙ is out 🎉! And comes with cool new features, improved usability and bugfixes galore for tonnes of KDE applications, utilities and other software. Find out all that's new at:

Kate, KDE's Advanced Text Editor, for example, gets touchscreen support; displays TODOs, and lets you perform git operations from within the app. Also, new website!

Akademy 2021 Registration is OPEN!
While registration is free, we'd love to know who will be joining us at Akademy this year.

For more information and to register, visit

This week in KDE: Offline updates in Neon become optional, Gwenview gets a speed-up, and Okular's website gets a spectacular makeover:

Come work with us. KDE e.V. is hiring 2 positions for environmental sustainability project!

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Did you enjoy the stickers included in last year’s T-Shirt orders? Do you have ideas for what the stickers could look like this year? Submit a new KDE sticker design to be included with sales of the Akademy 2021 T-Shirts. For more details visit

Do you have a talk idea that you’d like to share at Akademy? The Call for Participation is open until May 2nd! If you need help getting started with your CfP submission, check out this article.

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KDE boosted finally got a nice graphical update. Thanks to the work of @akalanka during Season of KDE. :D Help is now welcome to translate it:

This Week in KDE: Plasma Activities mostly work on Wayland and are expected to be fully functional for the next Plasma release, new Sticky Note font features, and literally dozens of bugfixes and design improvements.

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So, i heard you like comics and other books, with some links in them that you can choose, between different bits of those adventures, so they kind of become your own? Oh, you like choosing your own adventure? Well, do i have an exciting blog post for you! ;) @kde #floss

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Want to contribute to KDE?
Here's a tutorial on how to set up your developer environment!

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