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As developers of our own frameworks, the software that is so easy to overlook but is at the same time so hard to develop and is so essential, KDE sincerely congratulates @gnome on the release of GTK 4. Well done GNOME!

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For Christmas, offer GCompris to your children. It's free and will give them hours of educational fun.

More Xmas presents from KDE: Say hello to NeoChat, the new instant messaging app for the Matrix network. Find out how it works on mobile and desktops, learn about its cool features and how you can contribute to its success in the launch announcement.

Stefan Gerlach from LabPlot talks to Jonathan Ridddell and we find out what free and open data analysis and graphing software you can start using right now and all about the experience of publishing a Free Software app in the Microsoft Store:

Xmas came early: Kdenlive 20.12 is out. KDE's advanced video editor now comes with an in-built subtitler, lets you apply transition's to several track simultaneously, adds new effects (including 3D and VR), improves performance, and much more.

This week in KDE - all the things!: Okular lets you digitally sign the documents you view, all KDE software supports the AV1 image format, Kate lets you swap highlighted content with the clipboard, and many more things.

MyGnuHealth, the personal health tracking and recording component of Gnu Health, becomes a KDE project! MyGnuHealth can track your heart rate, blood pressure and other vital signs, nutritional and lifestyle factors that have an effect on your health.

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Plasma Mobile news for Nov./Dec.: Across the board improvements to notifications and apps, a theme that increases speed while reducing RAM usage, chat with the NeoChat app and surf the web with a stabler Angelfish that includes a new ad-blocker. #opensource #kde

LabPlot, KDE's software for graphing and analysing all kinds of data (business, scientific, technical, etc.), is now also available from the Microsoft Store.

Kate, KDE's Advanced Text Editor, is 20 years old today! In these two decades, Kate has helped thousands of developers create, improve and deploy Free Software using Kate's comprehensive set of tools and plugins.

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Ready for Season of KDE? Join the effort, get mentored, contribute to Free Software and get recognized for your effort. All the details on how to get started here:

This week in KDE - Usability bonanza: This week we concentrate on making stuff a joy to use and Elisa gets a track repetition feature, Spectacle gets livelier, and meetings/screencasts using WebRTC now work on Wayland (among a ton of other improvements).

KDevelop makes creating complex development projects easier for coders. KDevelop provides all the tools you need from a modern, feature-rich development environment and works on most platforms and supports a wide variety of programming languages. Check out all its advantages here:

The release of version 5.6.1 brings more stability and more features to this fantastic integrated development environment. Read about this new version here:

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Chess makes kids better at learning languages and reading! (Source: Stuart Margulies, Educational Psychologist, New York). You can now teach your kids Chess in a fun way with GCompris.

Say hello to Itinerary, an app that helps you while on the road; check out the new features in Dolphin (file manager), Konversation (chat client) and Kontact (email, contacts and calendars); and annotate screenshots in Spectacle; among many other things.

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KDE's cyber-kool projects get a new release with more polish, new breathtaking features in your favorite apps:

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I just added a new feature to NeoChat, a Kirigami based @matrix client. Now we have a fancy (but still simple) image editor build-in.

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