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Kontact is KDE's suite for email, calendars, contacts and tasks. The new upcoming version uses 30% less database storage, comes with improved synchronization with your email provider, and gets better support for smart cards, among many other things.

This week in KDE: Continuous bug massacre - the login sound bug has been squashed, look out for a new "Breeze Twilight" global theme, and dozens of improvements and tweaks hit Konsole, Wayland, Okular, and more.

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@paperdigits @kde @patdavid There is now 4 websites using Hugo in KDE, Digikam,, and and many more using Jekyll. Thanks for your work on the Digikam website it looks really nice.

The time has come! The Post Akademy Meet Up begins soon!
There is still time to register if you haven’t already:
(You will also find the room link on this page)

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Five major version updates landed in @opensuse Tumbleweed this week including @postgresqlfr and @mozilla Firefox. Plus @kde Plasma 5.20.1 and many other updated.

In this week's Late Night Linux podcast the gang talks KDE about

🎧 Plasma 5.20
🎧 Krita 4.4.0 released
🎧 Plasma browser integration on Edge
🎧 Inside KDE: leadership and long-term planning

Plasma 5.20.2 is out. This release adds a week’s worth of new translations and fixes, including improving the consistency of the lid behaviour and fixing the bug in which some user profile fields wouldn’t apply unless they all had unique new values.

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The website was ported to the Hugo framework, making it faster to load and translatable. You can help with the effort of translating it by getting involved with the translations teams:

This week in KDE: so many bugfixes! Document viewer Okular gets tweaks, Kickoff and KRunner sync their searches, Plasma's rubberband selection gets a smooth fade out, and much more.

Microsoft's Edge browser finally gets KHTML superpowers and integrates with Plasma!

Reconnect with friends from around the world and hear all the great updates from Akademy next week! Saturday, Oct. 31st at 6:00 UTC is the Post Akademy Meet Up!
Register now:

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Congratulation for the switch to Plasma! The theming on your screenshots is really good too. This is for sure the next distro I'll give a try. 👍

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Aaaand here it is, 20.10 Groovy Gorilla is out! Plasma 5.19.5 and KDE Applications 20.08 out of the box (so to speak).

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The 20.10 release is perilously close! You can help us test (or just peruse the status and find out about some fun other flavours of Ubuntu; did you know there's a Raspberry Pi desktop image now?) over at on the Ubuntu QA site.

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How has Plasma 5.20 been for you so far? Tell us what you like and what you would change in the comments below. Also, today we are releasing the first revision version with one week's worth of fixes and tweaks! Check it out at:

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Solid is a hardware integration framework. But, do you know that there is a -documented- song dedicated to it?

This week in KDE: Plasma 5.20 released, Elisa gets display options, and the System Tray config window shows configure buttons for individual configurable applets, and much more.

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