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We are very happy to announce that two EteSync related projects have been accepted to this year's Google Summer of Code, one with @gnome and one with @kde!

Looking forward to working with sjolly and nourmat!

@ubuntustudio, the Linux distribution "for creative humans", will move to KDE's Plasma desktop by default for future releases. Plasma's "better tools for graphics artists and photographers" and lightness make it the ideal desktop for Ubuntu Studio's users.

The KDE community looks forward to working closely with Ubuntu Studio in delivering the best desktop experience to their users.

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's call for papers is now open. Join KDE's big yearly event as a speaker and tell us all about your projects and experiences.

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Fast on the heels of the 20.04.0 release comes #Kdenlive 20.04.0b. This fix corrects some crashes, the timeline preview, the image sequences, the timecode in clips running at 23.98 fps, and much more.

Get it:

Developers of Kontact (KDE's suite of apps for managing email, calendars, contacts and tasks) have spent March and April enhancing the suite's stability, adding features and beefing up security for your messages. Check out all the changes here:

: Install gnuplot, then do:

1. Open KRunner with [Alt] + [Space]
2. Type "=plot( [some function] )", e.g.:


3. ???
4. Profit! 💡

KDAB News April 2020: Interview with Kalle Dalheimer (KDAB CEO and early KDE contributor) on the state of Qt, Plasma Big Screen, how to help in the fight against COVID-19, and more.

Krusader, KDE's powerful file manager, is 20 years old today . Krusader is ideal for power users, offering advanced searches, total control via keyboard and root mode. The newest version also incorporates inbuilt panel filtering/searching.

, KDE's full-featured office suite, releases version 3.2. , the suite for 2-in-1 laptops (laptops that double up as tablets) improves usability and touch events, (vector graphics app) now supports multi-page documents, and (presentations) gets automatic slide transitions among many other things.

The new version of Cantor, the KDE app for mathematical, statistical and scientific calculation and analysis, now lets you collapse cells, select multiple cells, and operate on all of them at once, among many other improvements.

This week in KDE: Visual overhaul of the system tray, Elisa (music player) gets responsive top bar, Gwenview (image viewer) remembers its crop box, and more.

Tellico, KDE's collection organizer app, releases version 3.3. Organize music, books, films, TV, series, even coins. Give Tellico some basic info and it will download CD covers, release dates, and all the other data you need to keep tabs on each item.

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#Kdenlive 20.04.0 is out!

The highlights include major speed improvements due to the Preview Scaling feature, New rating, tagging sorting and filtering of clips in the Project Bin for a great logging experience, Pitch shifting, Multicam editing improvements and OpenTimelineIO support. Besides all the shiny new features, this version comes with fixes for 40 critical stability issues as well as a major revamp of the user experience.

Dolphin (file manager) improves leaps and bounds; gestures for touchscreens and inertial scrolling land in Okular (document viewer); and a ton of new features for Kdenlive (video editor supreme), are just some of the things in today's apps release.

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La communauté KDE Francophone a maintenant un sallon Matrix: Venez nombreux nous rejoindre sur!

Make a difference this Earth Day with @ClimateStrike and . Three days of streaming with musicians, speakers, and activists coming together to act against the climate emergency and raise million for relief.

Starts in one hour!

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