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Usability and Productivity 79: Among other changes, screen flickering at boot-up for high DPI scaling has gone, Gwenview problems when loading and displaying remote files are solved, and "Picture of the day" wallpaper plugin now does Unsplash.

KDE userbase, the wiki where users can learn about everything KDE, gets a makeover: It is now cleaner, clearer and easier to use.

Virtual Reality user interfaces, an AI in you car, and the future of KDE Community's goals are just some of the things we'll be talking about at . The program for Akademy is available now!

Attendees to the "Plasma Desktop and Usability/Productivity Sprint" squashed bugs, added features and made Plasma ready for the future!

Kontact, KDE's email, calendar, contact, itinerary and life organizer, keeps getting better and better.

New stuff includes: colored emojis 😎 , grammar correction and markdown built into Kmail; integrating KCalCore (calendar engine) and KContacts (addressbook engine) into KDE Frameworks 5; and cleaning up code and squashing bugs in general.

Usability and Productivity week 77 - Plasma Sprint Special: Improved notifications, new annotation dialogs for Okular, Dolphin enhancements for better file and folder management, and tons of other stuff.

-es starts tomorrow! Enjoy the vibrant city of Vigo (and its seafood!) and learn about privacy, Kirigami, AppStream, Qt for Python, hardening and security, Plasma and Plasma Mobile, and more.

Photo CC BY-SA 3.0 by farrangallo

The Plasma and Usability sprint at Casa @SlimbookES has finished, we are all set for the next three months working on Plasma 5.17!

At Casa @slimbook today, Plasma and Usability teams looked at:
πŸ₯˜ Improving Plasma widget configurability
πŸ₯˜ Making Qt scaling work on X11
πŸ₯˜ How to get changelogs into AppStream for apps
πŸ₯˜ How Kai fixed a bazillion trillion Notification bugs
πŸ₯˜ Adding a new "play media on hover" feature to Dolphin
πŸ₯˜ How to make Task Manager smarter when raising/minimizing all windows of an app or raising the most recently used window in a group
πŸ₯˜ Making "Do Not Disturb" automatic when screens are mirrored (pic)
Thanks Chicos!

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Valve hires KWin core developer Roman Gilg for gaming-related XServer and KWin improvements. Roman seems to have a ton of cool projects in the pipeline, and this makes me happy. #KDE

At the Plasma and Usability Sprints today in Valencia:

🌈 Plasma/Usability collaboration and made it much easier to test a custom-compiled Plasma
🌈 Improvements to the Share plugins
🌈 Fixes for Spectacle
🌈 An awesome improvement for Dolphin to make sort order readable

Alongside the Plasma sprint in Valencia this week is the Usability sprint.

Nate reports: "Today in the Usability sprint we discussed changes to the Breeze theme, started modernizing Breeze's user avatars, and worked on polishing Dolphin and Spectacle."

LliureX is an educational distro by the local government in Valencia based on KDE neon and KDE Plasma, due for release next month.

They are at the Plasma sprint and have been warmly received.

Meanwhile over in Madrid last night they won the 2019!

The Plasma team and Usability team have reached Casa @slimbook for a week long sprint in Valencia.

Today Plasma folks worked on lots of Wayland stuff, virtual keyboards and input methods, discussing future plans for LTS releases and Qt 6.

KDE is at The OpenExpo Europe 2019 in Madrid today.

Visit the community village to try out Plasma on Slimbook, Pinebook, handheld and phone!

@OpenExpoEurope @SlimbookEs @thepine64

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More good news: @slimbook have put down the price of the KDE Slimbook II by €50. New Slimbooks will of course ship with Plasma 5.16.

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