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And then we have and interview with Tomaz on KDE for the masses on the Diolinux channel (Potuguese):

Two interesting interviews with KDE contributors: first we have an interview with Tomaz Canabrava, Marco Martin and Patrick Pereira where they talk about Kirigami, Atelier and KDE in general (intro in Portuguese, the rest in English):

Looking forward to Plasma's next stable release, Plasma 5.15 Beta is now available.

This version of Plasma brings you improvements to widgets, settings and cross-platform integration.

Among other things, Bluetooth devices now show their battery status in the power widget. The System Settings Virtual Desktops page has been redesigned for support on Wayland and the Alt+Tab window switcher supports screen readers improving accessibility.

KDE Applications 18.12.1 is out. Contains improvements to Kontact, Cantor, Dolphin, JuK, Kdenlive, Konsole, Okular, and many others.

Plasma is the most popular desktop amongst MuyLinux readers according to their 2018 poll. Of the 6,000 votes cast, Plasma received 1,637, that is 27% of the total. This is the third year running Plasma has been chosen best desktop by MuyLinux readers.

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Linux Maagazine acaba de liberar uno de mis últimos artículos. Esta vez explico cómo sacar el máximo partido del escritorio Plasma de @atelier


Linux Magazine has just freed up one of my latest articles. This time I explain how you can make the most of @kde Plasma desktop:

KDE helped NASA reach Mars and now we're helping James Cameron reach Pandora in the sequels. Lisa Su of AMD shows off video effects software running on KDE Plasma.

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I've been using KDE Plasma for a year on my ThinkPad T450. Only today did I 'discover' that I can right click menu items and add as favourites. I have just been typing what I want. :) Muscle memory of using Unity on #ubuntu for years was strong.

First Plasma bugfix release of the year brings stability to comic and weather widgets and many other improvements.

The KDE community wishes you all a very Konqi New Year!

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Alright. Some progress!

Got @kde Plasma Mobile successfully installed on a #RaspberryPi!

Everything works fine except I can’t get the screen to rotate into portrait mode!

Will work on that another day!

#Phone #DIY #RPi

What are your KDE-related wishes for 2019? Tell us in the comments!

75 bugs solved a day, quickest bug fixed in 47 seconds, and a new Bug Janitor to clear stuff up: xyquadrat reports on the year in KDE bug triaging, looks at some numbers that show the Bugsquad's progress and talks about the squad's plans for 2019:

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KDE devs will soon be receiving the Librem 5 dev kits. Look forward to Plasma Mobile running on the hardware chosen for @Purism 's open and privacy-protecting mobile phone.

.@kdeespana will be streaming a live show about KDE and artistic software tonight at 22:30. Spanish-speakers, don't miss the discussion about @krita, digiKam (version 6.0 coming out on Sunday) and more.

KDE Apps - The Movie: Discover all the cool features and goodies coming to a distro near you! 🍿

Applications 18.12 is out. Now you can annotate PDFs with a "typewriter" tool in Okular, see previews of ODF documents in Dolphin, and show emojis in Konsole. Apps 18.12 with many more features and improvements will be landing in your distro soon.

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