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Ya está disponible en el último podcast de KDE España, un poco más especial de lo normal:

Los participantes son:
* Juan Febles de
* Paco Estrada de Compilando podcast
* Yoyo Fernández de Killall Radio y Salmorejo Geek
* Rubén Gómez de KDE España y HackLab Almería

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Looking for something to do while social distancing? and our fellow flavors (or flavours if you prefer ;)) are gearing up for the big 20.04 LTS release, with the freeze for the Beta on April 2nd, and release aimed at April 23rd. Join us in testing to make sure this release is as rock-solid as possible!

Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show: Plasma Bigscreen is coming to a TV near you!

Try Plasma Bigscreen now on your Raspberry Pi 4!

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The flexibility and adaptability of Plasma 5.18 are center stage in KonqiDragon's promotional video, finalist in the Video Competition.

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We've just passed the 1000 commits mark!

(we're still missing many features, but hey, we're working on it)

Plasma's spectacular features and sleek look and feel get highlighted in Skye Fentras' video, winner of the Video Contest.

This week in KDE: Global Menus work on Wayland; minimize Elisa music player to tray; Dolphin, KDE's file manager, gets a "duplicate" function; Okular (PDF and general document viewer) gets more descriptive icons; and much, much more.

KDE's applications included in the 20.04 Beta release are ready for testing. Get this software from KDE Neon or from the testing repos on other distributions.

This is a Beta release designed for testing purposes, not production. Please help test this software and send bug reports to

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We're happy to announce that the #PinebookPro is back in stock at our webstore! This batch will come with @ManjaroARM @kde Edition preinstalled -- this brings the mainline Linux kernel to the Pinebook Pro as default. Expected delivery worldwide in May.

If the website fails to load, please don't F5 our server out of existence! Wait a bit and try again -- this is a large batch, there will be units available for quite some time

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@kde Эта статья теперь доступна и на русском:

This article is now available in Russian as well, Thanks @ilya_b for sharing.

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Meet Ikona, the new KDE program that helps you create the coolest icons any desktop has ever seen.

KDE-España lamenta informar que, debido a la crisis del COVID 19, Akademy-es se pospone indefinidamente. Aunque esperábamos compartir unas agradables jornadas con nuestra comunidad, la salud de los participantes es lo primero. Lamentamos las molestias.

KDE España is sad to announce that, due to the COVID 19 crisis, Akademy-es has been postponed indefinitely. Although we were looking forward to meeting up with our community, the health of our participants comes first. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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We are happy to resume the Plasma Mobile by @kde updates series.

This time, new applications, working rotation, performance improvements and several application updates.

Read more at:

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#introductions : Hello Fosstodon!

Plasma Mobile is an open-source user interface for phones from @kde Community.

We will use this account to share updates, and stay in touch with our community!

Check out the new website for Calligra office suite: Redesigned during our Season of KDE outreach program by Anuj Bansal, it is mobile phone-friendly, shows current screenshots and looks much nicer.

More Calligra news coming soon!

You too can ge involved with the KDE web re-design and help make the KDE websites even better. Join us at -www in IRC/Matrix or in Telegram.

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@kdefr You too can get involved with the KDE web re-design and help make the KDE websites even better. Join us at -www in IRC/Matrix or in Telegram.

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