KDE Plasma and Applications video contest: Get resources, choose the best music, create interesting footage, and follow our judges' advice and recommendations to win a @tuxedocomputers machine for your video-editing work.


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La version bêta de Plasma 5.18 LTS est prêtes à être testée pendant les trois prochaines semaines !

La mise à jour inclut un sélecteur d'émoji, un mode global d'édition, une amélioration du support des applications GTK et beaucoup plus.

kde.org/announcements/plasma-5 (lien en anglais)

Plasma 5.18 LTS Beta is out for testing for the next three weeks! 🌬️

Emoji Selector, global edit mode, improved touch-friendliness, better GTK app support,weather widget gets breezy with windy conditions and much more.

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@kde Phoronix's first impression was good, too :)

"Nice job to Mindshare Management, Tuxedo Computers, and The Kubuntu Council for having this feel like quite a polished device compared to what we have seen out of some Linux laptops in the past."


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@kde @Kubuntu finally, an official Kubuntu laptop. I am waiting for years for this. I wish you all success & I love this. Awesome!

#kubuntulaptop #kde

Pre-orders are open for the @Kubuntu Focus, a high-end Plasma-powered laptop designed for work that requires intense GPU computing, fast NVMe storage and optimal cooling to unleash the CPU's maximum potential.


A complete KDE review coming soon!

How to move on from to the easy way: An article with links to places to go to and people to talk to that will help you make the jump to KDE's friendly Linux desktop.


We are extending the deadline for submissions to the Plasma and Applications video competition until the 20th of February. Take part, help promote KDE and win a fabulous @tuxedocomputers Linux machine!


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OK everybody, we have just 2 days to raise $17k. We have no marketing or campaigns staff @conservancy so we count on you to spread the word. Please help!!


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#Windows7 cessera de recevoir des mises à jour à partir de mardi prochain. Nous voulons aider les utilisateurs de Windows à passer à quelque chose de mieux. Vous pouvez aussi aider à la migration vers le bureau Plasma de KDE. #Upgrade2Plasma


#Upgrade2Plasma - Le film :


@vickysteeves Can you check with @bshah please? He is the expert on this.

@Linux4Everyone @sa0bse

There is a slight problem with Feren OS in that, at the moment, it is a personal project of one (very talented) person. We hope to be able help it become a team effort that can guarantee its continuity to users. That is when we will be able to start recommending it officially and on a larger scale.

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Akademy 2020 busca sede ¡anímate y presenta una candidatura!


Akademy es el evento que reune a la comunidad de KDE en unos días de charlas, talleres, compartir, conocer y hacking

KDE will be at this year's LGM, come along and send in your talks and workshops now 👩‍🎨

"Libre Graphics Meeting Call for Proposals"


will stop receiving updates next Tuesday, 14th of January. We want to help Windows users upgrade to something better. You can help too: Help upgrade to KDE's Plasma desktop.

users - The Movie:


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