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Exciting news from the Plasma Bigscreen project: The second beta has been released with support for 2 ARM architectures, a faster @mycroft_ai core (the artificial intelligence behind Bigscreen's virtual assistant), support for KDE Connect, and much more.


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Maui Apps cover the basic utilities for the Linux phone: A file manager, a terminal emulator and a text editor.

Find **soon** the 1.2.0 packages for Linux AMD64, ARM64, Windows and Android, at the official Maui page.


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We are happy to announce the second stable release of MauiKit and the Maui Apps.

Read more about the 1.2.0 stable release in the following post.


In this week's Late Night Linux podcast latenightlinux.com/late-night- they talk GCompris (but don't know how to pronounce it in French, bless) and Joe tries KDE neon and declares "it's alright" and "I quite like it". @latenightlinux

Got children running around the house because of lockdown? Keep them busy with KDE for Kids! Fun and educational activities for children from 6 to 99 years old.


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Thanks to vidadesuporte for the funny cartoons to celebrate the 20 years of GCompris !

KStars v3.5.0 has been released! KStars lets you identify heavenly bodies, plan observations and get the most out of your telescope. A great resource both for educators and astronomy aficionados, enjoy the Universe from your desktop!


This Week in KDE - Apps and Wayland fixes, including: Move Dolphin’s breadcrumbs bar where you want it to be, Spectacle's rectangular region selection works in Wayland, Plasma Media Controller applet gets shuffle and loop controls, and more.


La versión en español de Akademy, Akademy-ES, arranca esta tarde a las 17:30 UTC con un taller de Kdenlive. Regístrate aquí:


The Spanish edition of Akademy, Akademy-ES, kicks off online this evening at 17:30 UTC with a live Kdenlive workshop. Register here:



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GCompris, KDE's fun-packed educational collection of activities for kids between 2 and 10 years old, is 20 years old today! Celebrate by downloading new version 1.0. It comes with more great activities and a new system to set the levels.

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¿Hablas Español? If you do, check out Akademy-ES this weekend. Starting on Friday November 20, enjoy three fun days of workshops, talks, and panels on everything KDE.

Registration and all details, schedule and activities available at kde-espana.org/akademy-es-2020

Jonathan Riddell and David Edmundson talk to the Register about Plasma, Wayland and all things KDE.


KDE and @PINE64 Introduce the PinePhone - KDE Community edition.

Experience the future of KDE's open mobile platform here:


Less than a day until the big reveal. Watch this space.

This week in KDE: find the on-disk location of songs on Elisa, check out Konsole's new configurable toolbar, download new KRunner Runners from store.kde.org from the System Settings page, and tons of other improvements and bugfixes.


A new bugfix version of LabPlot, KDE's app for visualizing and analyzing complex sets of data, is out. LabPlot 2.8.1 lets you change the labels' backgrounds and copy results from the cursor to the clipboard, and also corrects many minor, but annoying bugs.


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The @kde dev team has released new updates for #PlasmaMobile covering improvements to the lock screen, KClock and Calindori, among others. Also look out for new apps landing soon, such as Alligator (an RSS feed reader) and Neochat, a native Matrix IM client.


Want to keep up with what's going on in Linux's app ecosystem? The Linux App Summit (linuxappsummit.org/) starts in 30 minutes! You can still register and attend!

Join us: linuxappsummit.org/register/

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