T-Shirt is here! Order before May 16th to make sure your shirt arrives before Akademy begins on June 18th.

Order it now from akademy.kde.org/2021/tshirt

Kdenlive's video café starts in 15 minutes. If you like making videos, join us to find out how Kdenlive can help you.


Just released: Plasma 5.21.5 adds a month's worth of new translations and fixes, including to errors that occurred when stopping PipeWire streaming, dragging-and-dropping over panel, and more. Get all the details here:


Jeri Ellsworth, augmented reality visionary, self-made electronics hacker and Queen of Makers, will deliver a keynote at .


@Blort The mobile version is in very, very early stages of development (i.e.: The answer is "no, not yet").

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Kdenlive Cafés are back! And streaming! Join us next Tuesday, May 4th at 7pm UTC for 2 hours of live videochat on video-editing, video-storytelling, plans, projects and all things . See you there!

Link: meet.kde.org/b/far-uny-2yb

Kontact (KDE's suite of apps for email, address books, notes, and calendars) gets better Autocrypt support, KMail gets an *experimental* mobile version, and the whole suite gets many bugfixes and improvements. Read all about it here:


This Week in KDE: A cleaner Events Calendar, easier to read dictionary definitions for KRunner, and a smorgasbord of advanced Wayland features:


Feeling adventurous? Try out @mauiproject's Beta Package apps for Android. Get to test the bleeding edge versions of the Index file manager, Vvave music player, Clip video player, Nota text editor, and many, many more.


KDE is on everything, from NASA's and CERN's workstations to... Animatronic tails? Yep, on those too. Check out miTail, your own personal animatronic tail controlled by a KDE-powered Android app.


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New dark mode for Android and other goodies coming to 1.2.2. Beta packages will be avaliable soon.

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21.04 is out with:

💎 UI/UX improvements
🛠️ Many bug fixes
📸 Typewriter and Strobing effects
🎉 New Effect Zones and Speech-to-Text features
🗃️ Media Browser
📡 Online Resources widget + more media providers
🔍 Timeline Zoombars

Get it now:

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I like the new #kdenlive 21.04! I just finished the edit of a new video tutorial with it (about 'shading', I'll post it later today) and the new auto-generated subtitle feature with speech recognition saves me 2h of work! (and surprisingly this one recognise my heavy French accent with a high percentage of success). Such a typing burden I did weekly to do less... Thanks again devs! And new keyframe actions are also lovely to use. 💜

More info about the release: kdenlive.org/en/2021/04/kdenli

LabPlot introduces Color Maps and Conditional Formatting in the spreadsheet, helping you visualize your data more clearly:


If you would like to learn more about color maps and how they help visualize large amounts of data, check out the work of Fabio Crameri:


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* a dock that allows you to import videos from online resources directly into your project

* the typewriter and strobe effects, for more dramatic story-telling

* zoombars to help you zoom in easier to sections of the timeline

* and, behind the scenes, developers are preparing Kdenlive for Qt6 and MLT7.

Want to unleash your inner David Lynch? Kdenlive is the video editor for that.


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Kdenlive, KDE's advanced video editor, comes with so many new features, that there are too many to list here. But here's a small sample:

* check out the Speech-to-text functionality, for generating subtitles automatically

* effect zones that let you apply effects to only parts of a clip

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Call for Participation for Akademy closes Sunday! Send in your talks!

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The Call for Participation deadline is coming up this weekend! Submit your talk now before it’s too late.


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Developers have also fixed bugs, added two-stage notification/quick settings drawer to the top of the shell, improved the performance of the lock screen, and started working on multiple pages on the home-screen.

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