The Plasma team and Usability team have reached Casa @slimbook for a week long sprint in Valencia.

Today Plasma folks worked on lots of Wayland stuff, virtual keyboards and input methods, discussing future plans for LTS releases and Qt 6.

KDE is at The OpenExpo Europe 2019 in Madrid today.

Visit the community village to try out Plasma on Slimbook, Pinebook, handheld and phone!

@OpenExpoEurope @SlimbookEs @thepine64

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More good news: @slimbook have put down the price of the KDE Slimbook II by €50. New Slimbooks will of course ship with Plasma 5.16.

Plasma 5.16 is out! Check out all the new features and marvel at the improvements that now make working with Plasma smoother and more fun!

We are looking for new big ideas. Submit your proposal for what our community should focus on next and set KDE's goals for the coming years.

@tetris4 reflects on how far the KDE Community has come in regard to streamlining the onboarding of new contributors.

The KDE Community welcomes our Google Summer of Code students for 2019! These students will be working with our development teams throughout the summer, adding features, squashing bugs and porting apps to new platforms.

Nate Graham sums up the giant steps towards a beautiful and user-friendly desktop made by the KDE Community.

registration is now open. This year we are going to Milan, so sign up to get together with the KDE community and visit one of Italy's most vibrant cities.

You can also add an attractive badge to your blog, website or social media account and tell the world you are coming to .

Back in March, the privacy team met up in Leipzig. Read about their plans to anonymize connections of KDE apps with the outside world, make encrypting folders easy (coming in Plasma 5.16!) and sandbox KWallet.

Check it out! More than 200 KDE apps all in one place:

Which ones do you use?


Also: Read the "Making of" the most complete KDE app catalogue available at:

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This week in Usability and Productivity: New wallpaper for Plasma 5.16 + Spectacle can take full screen shots on 4K displays + KDE Connect notifications are now configurable

We have a winner! Plasma 5.16's next wallpaper will be Ice Cold by Santiago Cézar.

Santiago will be receiving a @slimbook One compact computer as soon as we get Plasma 5.16 on it.

The best submissions will be shipped with Plasma 5.16 and the winner will receive a @slimbook One compact computer

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