KDE's text editor Kate is now available in the Microsoft Store!

Our mission to spread software freedom to many platforms continues.

In the meantime, you can try out Kate on Windows and let us know how you like it:


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More GNOMIES! Met up with Heather from Purism. Our group is growing! #GUADEC2019

With Kontact you can manage POP, IMAP... AND all the information in your online email accounts (like GMail). You can centralize everything in one powerful application because Kontact supports it all: email, contact information, calendars, tasks, and more.


Everything that went down during the two-day conference stretch of : New goals, Virtual Reality and KDE taking to the skies!


Live from : Sponsor talks from KDAB, the Qt Company , Mbition, openSUSE , Blue Systems, Canonical , the Open Invention Network and Univ. of Bicocca, Milan.

Live from : Caio Jordao Carvalho tells of the progress developing kpmcore, the heart of KDE partitioning and disk management tools.

Live from : Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen shows where and how to get cool stuff for Plasma.

Live from : Aniketh Girish explains how reviews can be toxic and put off new contributors.

Live from : Daniel Vràtil explains how to build expressive APIs with modern C++.

Live from : Volker Krause gives us an update on KPublic Transport.

Live from : Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen explains how KDE distributes software.

Live from : Katarina Behrens from the Document Foundation talks about the integration of LibreOffice with KDE's desktop.

Live at : Timothée Giet and Aiswarya Kaitheri Kandoth tell us about how they use GCompris in schools in Kerala, India.

Live from : Cristoph Haag explains how @Collabora brought the Plasma desktop to Virtual Reality environment.

Live from : Michiel Leenaars explains the dystopia the Internet has become.

Live from : Leonardo Favario from @teamdigitaleIT tells us how the Italian government uses Free Software within the public sector.

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