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“I love free software because it empowers people (Lydia Pintscher).”

“I love Free software because it allowed me to learn how to program as a hobbie up to a professional level and that would be impossible if I had not contact with source code (Tomaz Canabrava).”

“I love Free Software because I love seeing so many peoples from different backgrounds and different projects from all other the world working together on making this world a better place. Thank you (Carl Schwan).”

“I love Free Software because of the transparency of knowing what's under the hood; the democracy of pitching in, discussing and helping; the non-profit respect for the user; the community, its desire to work together and its dedication (Niccolò Venerandi).”

“I love Free Software because it was the only way to learn how to program and admin my computers (Jonathan Riddell).”

“I love Free Software because I get to learn from people's work from all over the world, see how they think and even work with them when necessary (Aleix Pol).”

Plasma 5.18 is out: easier system settings, interactive notifications, emojis, wallpapers and so much more:

Don't miss UBports' hangout and discussion on YouTube Live featuring: Plasma Mobile developers.

Tonight, at 19:00 UTC at

KDE's February Apps Update -- what's new in release 19.12.2: KDevelop 5.5, Okteta, RKWard and discover Windows package manager Chocolatey

KDE will be at again this year. We will have a booth in building K (of course) where you can try Plasma Mobile, meet the developers and grab some cute Konqi stickers.

Also don't miss Volker Kraus, who will be presenting KDE Itineray on Saturday:

and Akhil Gangadharan Kurungadathil, who will be presenting the new QML renderer in Kdenlive on Sunday:

At we now have a new page that lists computers that come with Plasma pre-installed. Find the best machine for you or stay up to date, as we will be adding more devices when they come out.

KDE implements an opt-in (i.e. it is switched off by default; you, the user, have to activate it), anonimized feedback system for users who would like to contribute non-personal data to help improve Plasma, Discover and other KDE software packages.

As the screenshot shows, the system also lets you decide how much information you want to share.

This week's Late Night Linux podcast has chat about KUserFeedback and the Plasma 5.18 LTS Beta. It also looks at the major upgrade to Nextcloud Hub using new KDE project KItinerary.

🎨 The call for proposals for the Libre Graphics Meeting is now open. Submissions of presentations, lightning talks, Birds of a Feather meetings, Workshops, Hackathons all welcome.

, the Spanish edition of Akademy, will be held in Málaga (Spain) from the 24th to the 26th of April. Come and enjoy two intense and sunny days of KDE talks, demos and networking with the KDE Community!

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