The Linux Questions community has voted and declared KDE Plasma "Desktop Environment of the Year 2018", Kdenlive "Authoring App of the Year", Dolphin "File Manager of the Year" and Konsole "X Terminal Emulator of the Year" for second year in a row.

At LMMS they say they need more the support from the community than money. Help them out!

The main developer of Atelier, the graphical 3D printing interface, has hit on hard times too and can also use your help:

Show your love for Free Software by helping a developer in need! Help Slackware's creator and maintainer here:

If magic is what you're looking for, look no further: ImageMagick gives you amazing command line potions and spells for batch-editing all your pictures.

Donate to ImageMagick:

Go full historic with the most ambitious of free and open RPGs out there. Go and play 0 A. D.

Donate to 0 A.D.:

The most important Free Software project you never heard about: NTP keeps our computers and the rest of our devices up to date to the second:

Arguably the most professional and complete audio editor out there, help Ardour keep its heart beating with a token of your love:

Put your money where your ❤️ is: celebrate "I Love Free Software" day by donating to projects, developers and organisations in need. Every little bit helps. Share .

Some ideas of donation-worthy projects, people and organisations (more coming over the next hours):

Say hello to Plasma 5.15, the newest version of KDE's acclaimed desktop environment.

PlaMoception: Plasma Mobile showing a conversation about Plasma Mobile with a picture of Konqi using Plasma Mobile in Telegram running on Plasma Mobile.

Plasma Mobile AMA starts on r/linux on Reddit at 18:00 CET (UTC-1), that is, in about 5 minutes. This is your chance to ask PlaMo developers about the future of KDE on mobile devices live.

AMA (Ask Me Anything) on tomorrow at 18:00 CET. The developers will be taking time out of their busy sprint to answer everything you ever wanted to know about Plasma Mobile.

Don't miss it!

It hasn't been 24 hours since the end of and developers have already made there way from Brussels to Berlin for a week-long development sprint. Expect great things!

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