Season of KDE kicks off with nine projects that will improve packaging of KDE apps on Flathub, add a new educational activity to GCompris and a drawing tool to Krita, improve KDE Connect's documentation, and more.

KDE would like to thank our "good" friends at Neowin for their contribution to this year's April Fools' joke.

Unfortunately they missed the memo (again!) as there are still two months to go until April 1st 🀑.

@gcompris , KDE's suite with more than 150 educational activities, releases version 2.1. This version brings more languages including Breton, Macedonian and Czech, and all voices and sounds are available on all supported Android devices too.

The bughunt is on! Join KDE devs and help get rid of all the annoying bugs in Plasma 5.24 Beta. The action is being coordinated from the Plasma Matrix room. You can reach it directly via your web browser here:

Want to help squash bugs in Plasma 5.24? Don't miss the bughunt! Starting at 11am UTC, the Plasma Beta Review Day will be held on Thursday, Jan. 20. You'll be able to interact live with Plasma devs and all the other bughunters. Anyone can join!
Still not got Plasma 5.24 Beta? Take your pick here:

IMPORTANT: Plasma 5.24 Beta is software still under heavy development and being extensively tested. Avoid using it in production environments or for daily work.

The Steam Deck will probably become available in February. A photo released by Valve shows units rolling out sporting KDE's Plasma desktop.

KDE 5.24 Beta released

Containing extensive changes, Plasma 5.24 Beta is aimed at testers that help devs correct problems in KDE's desktop.

You can help too! Install 5.24 Beta onto a spare computer or virtual machine and test its new features.

The final version of Plasma 5.24 will be available on February 8th.

KDE continues to exist and thrive thanks to the generous support from sponsors and donors. If you find our software useful and fun, please consider donating:

NEW! You can now donate via GitHub! Look for the "Sponsor" slug and the [❀️] button in official KDE projects.

(Note that sponsorships coming from the US via GitHub are taxed. Consider using our regular donations page mentioned above).

Happy New Year πŸŽ‰! This week in KDE: Dolphin gets root operations, Konsole lets select applications, and KWin nets > 8-bit colorizations... (in Wayland).

Check out Maui Shell, a beautiful and classy KDE graphical environment that will work on your desktop, tablet and phone.

Krita 5.0 is out! KDE's sophisticated design app for painting, drawing and animating, comes with tons of new features, massive overhauls to key components to make it much faster, and supports more file formats and customized workflows.

Look out for a faster and more flexible Resource System, smoother gradients, faster smudge brushes, a new MyPaint engine, a redesigned animation interface, new and clearer icons, and much, much more.

A new gift 🎁 from KDE has landed: GCompris, the comprehensive collection of educational exercises and games 🧩, releases version 2.0! Get children aged from 2 to 200 playing and learning with super new fun activities these holidays πŸŽ„.

is 20 years old! From modest graphic frontend for Gphoto2, to full-fledged image processing work station, digiKam has come a long way in its two decades of history.

Congratulations! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚

Kdenlive 21.12, KDE's advanced video editor, comes with tons of new features, including multiple bins, new audio filters, same-track transitions, trimming tools, AI motion tracking, and so much more.

It's a fact: 21.12 will blow your socks off!

Just in time for the festive season πŸŽ„, KDE Gear βš™οΈ 21.12 is here! Check out all the cool new stuff available in Dolphin, Konsole, Kdenlive, and much, much more!

This Week in KDE: Overview shows results from KRunner when you search (see pic), Discover stops you from accidentally ruining your system, and Gwenview gets a print preview feature:

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