@gnome 's Executive Director, Neil McGovern, says: " We see ending desktop fragmentation as the key to Linux success. Feeling united and utterly bored in these hard times also contributed to our decision to merge both projects."


@AleixPol , President of KDE e.V., says: "A joint conference was only the beginning. KNOME, QTK3, Lollyrok... the possibilities for shared development are now limitless"


@gnome and KDE deepen their commitment to work together and unveil KNOME, a new desktop that brings users the best of both worlds:


Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show: Plasma Bigscreen is coming to a TV near you!


Try Plasma Bigscreen now on your Raspberry Pi 4!


This week in KDE: Global Menus work on Wayland; minimize Elisa music player to tray; Dolphin, KDE's file manager, gets a "duplicate" function; Okular (PDF and general document viewer) gets more descriptive icons; and much, much more.


KDE's applications included in the 20.04 Beta release are ready for testing. Get this software from KDE Neon or from the testing repos on other distributions.


This is a Beta release designed for testing purposes, not production. Please help test this software and send bug reports to bugs.kde.org

Meet Ikona, the new KDE program that helps you create the coolest icons any desktop has ever seen.


Check out the new website for Calligra office suite: Redesigned during our Season of KDE outreach program by Anuj Bansal, it is mobile phone-friendly, shows current screenshots and looks much nicer.

More Calligra news coming soon!


Follow all the blog posts from KDE contributors on KDE's new planet. Now mobile phone-friendly, with support for more languages, and a much slicker look.


Our monthly apps update covers new releases of Choqok (Twitter and Mastodon client), KDE Partition Manager and KPhotoAlbum. Music player Elisa is now in the Microsoft Store; and today's 19.12.3 releases brings bugfixes to K3b, SMB support and Gwenview.


This month in KDE Web: KDE Connect gets a new website, we updated the sites for KMyMoney, Juk, KDE e.V. and KDE China, and a lot more.


The Spanish edition of Akademy, Akademy-es, will be held from the 24th to the 26th of April in the sunny city of Málaga, in the South of Spain.


The Call for Papers is open, so come and share your experience and knowledge!



Plasma 5.18.2 is out! This revision of KDE's 5.18 desktop repairs an error with Flatpak in Discover, unifies KSysGuard's cpu clock speed names and improves Emojier's fallback mechanism for detecting languages, among other things.


"And the winner is...". Check out who's taking home the award for best movie of KDE's first video contest:


We're in! Google Summer of Code student applications open 16 March 2020. Want to work on a KDE project? Read the guidelines and get in touch! community.kde.org/GSoC

Download your clips and fire up your editors: KDE's double video competition ends today at midnight (UTC)! Your chance to win one of the two categories and receive a fantastic computer for your studio is within your reach!


Plasma 5.18.1 is out. This first revision solves problems and improves features and performance of the new Plasma 5.18 desktop. Plasma 5.18 is an LTS (Long Term Support) version and will receive updates over the next two years.


Germany approves Gpg4KDE and Gpg4win for the transmission and processing of National Classified Information: KMail and Kleopatra are officially deemed secure for the transmission of confidential state messages.


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