There is a new KDE Slimbook available as from today. The KDE Slimbook II comes with CPUs that are 15% faster and RAM that is also faster than the prior version by 33%. The dual hard drive bay gives you room for a second hard disk, and its bigger multi-touch touchpad supports gestures and clicks.

The larger antennas give you better WiFi reception and a wider range and, to top it all, for a short period of time, you can buy it cheaper than the KDE Slimbook I.

@kde the mobile menu is broken and I could not find any hint about where to buy it.

@Purism @kde And those half-keys for up and down are also annoying. Otherwise the Slimbook looks good 😃

@kde i just went down a huge rabbit hole thank you 😅

do you folks know if there's going to be a USB-C charged slimbook anytime soon?

@hirojin We don't know, sorry. We can confirm this one cannot be charged via USB-C.

@kde The first KDE Slimbook wasn't really my thing because I'm too much used to having a large clickpad, but if I hadn't just bought a laptop, the KDE Slimbook II would definitely be the one I'd go for.
I can't think of a single drawback reviewers had raised about the first one that wasn't addressed in this.
Listening to user feedback to improve a product, just what KDE fans expect :)

Nice. But why do you copy apple product. I would love to see something slim based on thinkpad x220t series

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