KDE Gear ⚙️ 22.08 has landed! The collection of KDE apps and frameworks brings improved touchscreen support for Elisa music player, barcode scanning for Itinerary travel assistant, multi-cursors for Kwrite and Kate text editors, and much, much, more.

Spectacle is getting so freaking awesome and practical lately that I often take screenshots of other images from gwenview to annotate them. It does not make much sense, but it would be cool if it can just open an image directly.

@gree @etam @kde The annotations feature was added to Gwenview a little while ago

@logicalwillow @gree @kde
Very "little" :) KDE Gear 22.08.0 is not yet my rolling release distro (openSUSE Tubleweed). Anyway, good to know, thanks.

@etam @logicalwillow @kde
Me neiter (I am on Arch)... But, good news. Thanks as well.

Cool, but also, it feels like a feature creep. It shouldn't be a part of spectacle, but some independent image editor (or maybe gwenview?). This way one could annotate any image they like.

@kde cool, that's a feature I had been missing. 😍

Cannot find use case, but it's cool as hell 😁

@schmaker MD and HTML tables. Other repetitive XML-like tags.

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