In California at the end of July? Come visit the KDE booth at ! Get to know the crew, pick up some cool stickers, and try out some of our latest versions of Plasma and apps.

Plus get 50% off the ticket by using the “KDE” promo code!

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Live demos of Plasma and KDE apps, kool merch, get to try out the latest on the PinePhone Pro... All this and more at KDE's booth at Scale19x from 28 to 31 July. Don't miss it!

@kde gnome and kde side by side? damn

next microsoft and apple

@esmail We are always side by side at FOSDEM too. And we organize joint events, and are happy for each other on landmark releases, and exchange know-how, and have devs in common, and...

The idea that KDE and @gnome are rivals is a silly myth.

@kde @gnome Rival is big word, but maybe little tiny fight since both of you make almost same product (Desktop Environment) but I'm happy to see no fights in the foss world, finally some peace

@esmail @gnome Why waste time and energy fighting each other when we could be using our energy more productively in our efforts to overthrow proprietary software megacorporations?

@kde @gnome Because it would be kewl (cool)

But, I think some competitive will be good as will make both of you look for the best? To have edge over the other. But your wise words are true though.

@esmail @gnome There is competition for several lifetimes coming from Microsoft and Apple.

@esmail is this the essence of toxic masculinity? fight your brethren ... to be better?

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