The new KDE Slimbook 4 is here 💻🎉! This elegant and sleek machine now comes with a 5700U Ryzen processor that gives you more raw power combined with a better battery performance.

Check out the full specs here:

Purchase a KDE Slimbook machine and help support our community! @SlimbookEs donates a percentage of each sale 💶 to KDE.

@kde @SlimbookEs correct me if I'm wring, but it still uses barrel charging connector. Why not USB-C?

@TheThirdMan @kde @SlimbookEs Thanks for the clarification. On the picture it has a barrel jack on left side of the computer

@kde @SlimbookEs 😍 I'm thinking about an upgrade of my 1st gen Slimbook KDEmodel. Would it be possible to pick up one at Akademy 2022 in Barcelona, if I order the new model?

@kde @SlimbookEs It looks beautiful but I couldn’t buy one few months ago. So I got a dell and I installed Fedora. KDE with touch screen and it is working fine. Maybe next time 😢

@kde @SlimbookEs awesome was looking for smaller more portable laptop to replace my 4700u power Pangolin from System76. That it supports USB-C charging makes it exactly what I was looking for.

@kde @SlimbookEs Thank you for keeping Ethernet ports a thing 🙌

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