We're halfway through the year and it is a good moment to review what KDE's app developers have been up to these past months. Check out all the new stuff in Krita, LabPlot, GCompris, KStars, and more:

@kde Nice! Digikam is one of my favourite programs.

And I just learned about RSIBreak from your bug fixes section. I didn't know KDE had that. That's very useful!

@kde We aren’t halfway through the year yet… let’s not jump the gun.

@kde i think I'll have to relearn KDE shortcuts and features again and switch back to it again. It used to be my daily driver, but I've switched to gnome around gnome 3.

@zladuric @kde You don't need to relearn shortcuts. Shortcuts are customizable in KDE software, unlike GNOME.

@SWwind @kde nah, I do like to stick to defaults.

Buty anyway, for now it's good.

@kde I love seeing the new things happening in the KDE world, but would be great to have image captions please! Of course, for accessibility reasons, but even for a sighted person these screenshots would benefit from mentioning which app they come from.

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