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@kde my only fucking idea is to fix critical bugs from year or older. then will be fine :/

@safiuddinkhan yeah. not that after deinstalling gnome i get homedir emptied with 3/4 apps :/

@safiuddinkhan no joke. mine report about it sits for about half year in bugtracker.
not saying that i saw already other critical bugs where oldest one was from 2012....

@justinz i cant cuz my brain doesnt handle such code (nothing ore than 200 lines in 4 files WHERE in one file is 50 lines)

@kde we dont need to submit the slides right now right?

@kde full text of my proposal:

Tabbed windows.... Please?

@kde @javierg In what application? Or do you mean in Plasma's panel?

@justinz @kde in kwin. KDE used to allow the user to group windows from any application into a single one with tabs on the top bar

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