KDE Connect is now available for iOS! Connect your desktop to your phone and other devices for easy file transfers; remote mouse control; remote control of presentation slides; synchronized clipboard and pasteboard; and much more.

KDE Connect now works on most major platforms, including Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, and experimentally on macOS, allowing you to hook up all your devices seamlessly.

@kde Can it upload music files to an iPhone, like iTunes does?

@1morumotto Yes: easily pushing files from your desktop to your phone and from your phone to your desktop is one of KDE Connect's core features.

@kde can you at least fix KDE connect's bug of sending large files?

@kde very nice, i already used the beta. Is bidirectional remote control or using the iPad as 2nd monitor planned?

This makes me sad. I think apple deserves to loose developers, not gain them. Oh well.

@minecraftchest1 @kde choice is good. For the many users who chose to use Apple products I this is a good thing.

I agree on that. I am happy that kde is making it available to morw users. However, Apple needs to stop lying to their users and open up their platform before I will ever think of writing iOS apps as anything other then bad

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