KDE would like to thank our "good" friends at Neowin for their contribution to this year's April Fools' joke.

Unfortunately they missed the memo (again!) as there are still two months to go until April 1st 🤡.

@djsumdog @kde yeah... QtWebkit has been around forever and most ad networks display inside an iframe, so if someone wanted to show ads, chances are good they'd already be doing it.

@djsumdog @kde
The article is click-bait but, kde should not downplay the consequences of the announcement. It is not a joke certainly that the framework they use for their desktop environment now natively supports serving ads without (?) much control left in the hands of the users!

"Wait! Watch this mind-control message from your friendly government before we show you the contents of this file!"

There was an article on Phoronix about his a week or so ago? I think Qt has (or plans) a new module to be used for in-application ads. Maybe the report is bologna.

So what do you think happens next? Qt won't be free software anymore because they cannot make money out of it if everybody disables their advertising. What would KDE do then? Fork Qt before it became unfree?

Qt and ads 

@musicmatze Wait, I figured it was like, support for app devs to put in ads in their apps. Is it not?

(we haven't actually read the ads-in-Qt announcement yet)

Qt and ads 

@IceWolf @musicmatze afaik its just a module to make adding ads easier to your app, right now you can do it with iframes

Qt and ads 


Yes. HTML allows any website to add Google AdSense. However, not every website has AdSense. Similar idea. KDE takes donations via KDE e.V.


@musicmatze @IceWolf @kde

You are confused. That's not what it is. Qt has developed a framework that makes embedding ads in apps easier for developers. Developers don't have to use the framework though, the same way they don't have to use the 3D framework if there app does not need 3D, or the database framework if it doesn't use a database to persist data.

It is just there if a developer needs it. this "news" say that qt company has added possibility of implementing ads by devs in qt, nothing regarding kde in particular, usual nasty clickbait

@jeder @kde @musicmatze as if you couldn't put ads in QT before, but its a surefire way to lose users and everyone knows that

@kde What's that link in this screenshot? It appears to be truncated.

I read the announcement of this ads library. Leads me to trust the developers of it less, but it's severe extropolation to infer their efforts will mean you (KDE) will adopt or even agrees with their work!

warning: original source 

@alcinnz @kde (alternatively, use the Wayback Machine)

@xerz @kde Hmmmm, outside of the headline this is quite a reasonable article.

Why do headlines so often let down decent articles? Not impressed with newseditors who do this...

@Bro666 @xerz @kde Sigh. Yes...

You know, after the latest summary of climate change research the headlines, in their eagerness to spin it in the positive, reporting on it left me feeling like Dr Graw Horatio from Magus Elgar.

"You blew up my life, my work, my livelihood! And you want go on about silver linings! SILVER LININGS!"

Ads themselves if they are:

a) in the source and not changing (including links)

b) clicking #ads shows option on whether/how to open the URL, giving the user the ability to view the URL)

b) not targetted (only language/locale-based), and

c) labelled as an advertisement (obviously),

…are okay.

When apps do dynamic #advertising and online fetches, there's very real problems re #privacy and #targettedAdvertising.

@Bro666 @xerz @kde

@dsfgs @alcinnz @IceWolf @musicmatze @linux_spain @xerz @kde

KDE is not considering, has never considered, will never consider including ads in apps or the Plasma desktop. Period.

It is just not anything we ever want to do and antithetical to our vision and mission.

That's great to hear but just know. If not having ads means needing to work for BigData training AI when you could advertise a local, ethical organic, small company, we personally wouldn't object to it.

So long as its not in a primary position of course. A tasteful, optional wallpaper showing a sponsors' works might be enough.

People scroll through them, if they like/recognise the wallpaper/business (marked an 'ad') – its win/win.

@alcinnz @IceWolf @musicmatze @linux_spain @xerz @kde

@dsfgs @Bro666 @alcinnz @musicmatze @linux_spain @xerz @kde Bluh?

Showing ads in the OS isn't good! Especially not in our wallpaper! It's /ours/, not advertisers'.

@IceWolf @dsfgs @alcinnz @musicmatze @linux_spain @xerz @kde

It is also pointless, as changing a wallpaper in Plasma is ridiculously easy: In Plasma 5.24 (coming out next week), you just have to right click on any image and pick an option from the pop-up menu.

Yes the #advertising photo would need to meet basic standards on wallpaper #art and #beauty, and might not even be the default #wallpaper, but ppl might scroll through them and go, "I know that cute little corner shop on the hill!" Or "what a #beauiful 360 #view of that town or city which now only uses #FOSS software and pays FOSS devs, maybe I should live in that state". Etc.

@IceWolf @alcinnz @musicmatze @linux_spain @xerz @kde

@dsfgs @Bro666 @alcinnz @musicmatze @linux_spain @xerz @kde You're...missing the point entirely.

The point is that ads do not belong on my desktop.

EDIT: We should say "state *or territory*".

Fair point. We are saying that a person would have to go out of their way to select them, and would know it is an advert prior to seeing them.

@Bro666 @alcinnz @musicmatze @linux_spain @xerz @kde

@kde When will you eventually start migrating all KDE/Plasma things to Gtk? ^^

(I know, you have to make Gtk a capable UI lib before ^^)

(Yes, I know, that new ad feature in itself is not a valid reason for such thoughts, but, anyway, ...)

@pino_ac @kde

Um, probably never. They have no reason to move and KDE has been using Qt for 25years now.

@lionirdeadman @kde That's a shame... I'll ask again when Qt's next great idea about licensing comes, or about how else they can squeeze some bucks out of it. We could then also finally make consistent styling simpler. ^^ But yes, to be serious, I know that it's entirely unrealistic...

@pino_ac @kde

Qt will not go back to becoming proprietary only.

AFAIU there is a deal between Qt Company and FreeQt which ensures that if Qt Company tries to do that then Qt will become BSD licensed which would allow for proprietary forks and other things and would obviously be bad for Qt Company.

As for how to make money, Qt is not making money from these add AFAIK and Qt already has a way to make money through selling the proprietary version of Qt.

@lionirdeadman @kde Yes, they will not make it proprietary only soon, thanks to that deal. But that doesn't forbid them to make it less and less attractive step by step. Their current mindset does not seem to be particularly FOSSey, all in all, right? Even before&beyond their lts licensing move imho.

(Doesn't mean that Gtk is completely unproblematic in any regard, and for sure it's not actually an option to rewrite everything from scratch; and Qt is not just the UI, ....)

@pino_ac @kde

If Qt Company were to become bad, KDE would just continue Qt on its own. Why would they rewrite everything in another toolkit?

@lionirdeadman @kde Maybe in order to avoid the need to maintain an own UI (+all kinds of other things) library. Costs resources, and not everybody can do that right. Those resources will then be missing in other places. It's not trivial to make that. And because it would have all kinds of positive side effects to have one UI lib less from user perspective.
But again: I'm aware they will not even think about that option anytime soon as it's not realistic.

@lionirdeadman @kde Maybe I'm completely wrong with my feeling, but since many years the Linux desktop more and more seems to lack resources anyways. There was imho a peak 10 years ago, but then people started to go in other directions. Mobile, web, going commercial, cloud stuff, whatever. Developers as well as users, btw. Things like finalizing Wayland take ages and ages, e.g.. So I'm currently a bit cautious about big dreams for the Linux desktop.

@kde "The 2019 HK extradition bill will take CCP's arbitrary detention to HK and it's bad and should be stopped!", in the meanwhile, "Qt ads is just a tool and it has nothing to do with KDE". Good logic people, good logic. I just wish the screen saver would crash less on FreeBSD

@kde Next thing you'll be bundling KDE Plasma with a web browser so we'll all have to put up with ads, an email client so we'll be deluged with spam, and volume control so your users will be the sort of people who talk at the theatre.

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