Watch Ken Vermette design a KDE Plasma desktop wallpaper live using Free Software design tools.

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@kde inkscape not krita, what a shame kde doesnt use its own tools ;-;

@hacknorris Yes we do, but other tools too. As long as it is Free Software, we have great respect for like-minded projects.

@kde ou. forst reply from you. is it because L.Torvalds told you i mailed him? if so, as i see that you even replied - check all bugs from your stes under email -> thank you

@kde * then MAYBE i will report you this mine bug which caused factory reset without mine access. (remember - maybe)

@hacknorris We do not field bugs from our social media accounts. We encourage you to report bugs to

@kde you can be happy that i bored asf cuz its my only reason im watching this :/

@hacknorris We agree that you can probably find more exciting things to watch and encourage you to go forth, find them and watch them.

@kde already got a task to do - having some scammy dms on discord. installing mods on system to recover messages ;p

@kde thanks. anyways - i'l know when you'll look at mine bugreporter :/ (what surely wont happen, next time mine errors wll be sent via someone known. and its my buttt with who i'll talk)

@kde hmm... discord done...
now im gonna make my distro. yeah. made mostly from GNOME apps ;p sorrry guys ;p
tbh - im gonna use lfs ;p

@kde 4 hours? WELL... and looks liike hes only starting... :/

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