Happy New Year 🎉! This week in KDE: Dolphin gets root operations, Konsole lets select applications, and KWin nets > 8-bit colorizations... (in Wayland).

@kde FINALLY !!! (and yes, yet disappointed from bug reporter, im same human from tweeter)

@kde Finally that one long standing issue everyone had with dolphin is fixed. 🎉

finally the nonfixable bug is fixed :))
can't wait to test it

I always write a dot (.) in Konsole and then click on it to open the directory in Dolphin. with this new feature that practice is not needed anymore :)

I've habitually run low power &/or reclaimed &/or second-hand computers which have never had sufficient oomph to run KDE successfully. Awesome has been my environment of choice. Fortunately I have been recentlyable to get a new modern laptop (thank you @TUXEDO Computers) and it certainly has the required oomph. In short, I'm loving it. Thank you!
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