Check out Maui Shell, a beautiful and classy KDE graphical environment that will work on your desktop, tablet and phone.

@kde this looks like the best touch-ui shell for tablets/phones I've seen on Linux!

@kde I don't understand why KDE has these multiple overlapping projects going on. Multiple shells, multiple mobile applications with same use-cases, etc?

@bart @kde AFAIK Maui isn't an official KDE project, but it's based on KDE.

@bart @kde because it's not a large conglomerate with hierarchies of management making decisions, it's individuals making individual decisions

Could you please tell me, why

1. The dock hides in tablet mode. I get that on the phone version, but I miss on every tablet the ability to switch between apps without going through the overview. This is insane.

2. Why a dock, that ripps of so much place on another screen edge than the rest. Put it on desktop mode and tablet mode on the top to the other things there and problem No. 1 is solved and we save up space for the important stuff.

3. I'm sure this is easier to do with kwin 🤷‍♂️

@kde Looking great! Any idea roughly when we might see testing images of #MauiShell for the #PinePhone?

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